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No money is involved with the internation England Football Squad. Alternivatly players get Caps, hence the name used 'International Caps', proving you played for your country, including the date and team name.

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Q: Does the England Squad get paid for playing?
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Does the England rugby squad get paid for playing?


Do England players get paid for playing for England by the England fa?

yes they do get paid

Do players get paid playing football for England?


Do footballers get paid for playing for England?

No- it is (supposed to be) an honour to play for your country

What do NFL practice squad players get paid?

They get paid $5,000 a week

Who is England football team squad number 4?

England squad number 4 is Sir George Birtchnell

Is ian bell plays for England?

Yes. He plays in the England test squad.

Do England footballers get a cap for every game?

Only if they're actually picked for the squad on the day. Any player in the team that not playing on the day will not get a cap.

How many players in the England squad for the world cup?

There are 23 players in the English squad for the world cup.

When will the squad of England for the world cup be announced?

Fabio Cappello will announce his squad some time today

Who is the captain of the England cricket squad?

Andrew Strauss is the currrent test captain for England

Is gareth bale in the England squad?

No, because he is Welsh he isn't eligible to play for England

What is the youngest player in the England first team squad?

It could be Theo Walcott for England.

Who is the lowest paid football player on Liverpool first squad?


How many footballers were in the 2010 England squad?

Apparently, none.

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The highest paid succer coach in england is arsene wenger

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Who is England football team squad number 8?

frank lampard

Who is England football team squad number 1?

joe hart

Who is England's football team squad number 3?

Ashley Cole

Do players get paid for playing football for Ireland?

Yes footballers get paid for playing for Ireland.

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If you are on the practice squad of a NFL team do you still get paid?

They are paid considerably less than active squad players ($4700 per week or $80,000 per season, in comparison to the NFL minimum rookie salary of $285,000).

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