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Q: Does the 3rd base coach give signal to bunt?
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When if ever would a batter sign or signal to a coach or his team mates?

One time would be after the third base coach goes through the set of signals telling the batter and baserunner(s) what the play is going to be. The batter might touch his helmet or grab a handful of dirt to signify that he understood the signal or hitch up his pants to signify that he did not understand the signal. Another time might be when a batter notices the third baseman playing deep and/or off the line and he thinks he might be able to drop a bunt down and get on base. If there is a runner on the batter might give a signal that he is going to attempt to lay down a bunt. Base runners will do this also, especially when there is a runner on first and no other runners on. The runner might notice something in the pitcher's delivery that would give him an advantage if he tried to steal second base. The runner might give a signal that he is going to attempt a steal on the next pitch.

Is there anytime a batter would sign or give signals to his coaches or teammates?

Yes, once instance when the batter would give a signal is when (s)he understood the signal that was given by the third base coach. This signal could be the batter touching the helmet after the signal was given by the coach or maybe reaching down to grab a handful of dirt. Sometimes you will see the batter call time and walk down to the third base coach to have a discussion. This could be because the batter did not understand the signal given by the coach.

What is it called when a runner tries to steal home and the batter tries to lay down a bunt?

In this situation, the term used is a "suicide squeeze". It sounds a little funny but the actual idea is this: Coach will give a sign to the batter to bunt. At the same time the runner at third base will run as soon as the bunt is layed down, sometimes if wanting to take the chance, as soon as the pitcher starts their delivery.

What is a base coaches job?

A base coaches job in baseball is to give signals to the runners of what to do for example stealing, stopping at that base, going to the next base, or sliding. there is a base coach for first base and there is one at third base. if the runner is on second they would listen to the third base coach.

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In baseball what determines a sacrifice at bat?

if you give yourself up to advance the runner. ex. if u bunt a guy over to second but you get out

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The answer to that question is NO. The reason the coach selected the captain in the first place is probably because of his leadership qualities and skill on the field. The captain can't just ignore the coach's decision and give the band away. He must wear it throughout the ENTIRE game, unless the coach takes him out. If the coach takes him out, he must give the band to the person replacing him.

How do scouts determine if a base runner is fast?

If you ever pay close attention to the base coaches, you'll notice that many of them hold a stopwatch. They do exactly what the scouts do. They time the runners. This helps the base coach determine whether or not it's safe to give the runner the sign to steal or if he can wave him around 3rd to score. The scouts, of course, use their stopwatches strictly to see how long it takes a runner to get from base to base.

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