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Yes, if you are swimming in a pool that has chlorine in it. Some other chemicals added to Swimming Pools to clean the water react with your hair. It can turn blond hair green and it can change the color if you have dyed or rinsed your hair color.

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Q: Does swimming ruin your hair color?
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I highlighted my hair now if i use lice treatment will it ruin my hair color?

no it just makes it prettyer

Does getting the colour stripped out of you hair ruin it?

yes because a color totally makes your hair look sweet!

Is store brand hair dye as good as salon brand?

It's nowhere near as strong, but salon hair color can ruin your hair if you haven't been trained in its use. Home hair color won't damage your hair.

Will fanci-full hair color rinse ruin highlighted hair or color treated hair?

If your hair is dry and porous then it will. When your hair is damaged it soaks in thr rinse and sometimes it doesn't wash out. If you are fearful at all of this happening to your hair I would not use it.

Can hair dye ruin natural hair color?

Yes,it can when you start aging.But for the first few times you dye your hair ,you wont see any damages.

How do you color your hair using purple food dye?

u dont u go to the store and buy some or it will ruin ur hair

Can one with color treated hair swim in a salt water swimming pool?

Yes, just as long as you dont go to jump in a pool or ocean right after you color your hair.

Would your hair get ruined if you highlight it yourself at home with hair dye instead of the actual highlighting kit?

It won't ruin it but you might make it dry and you might not get the color you are wanting. If your hair is dark you will more then likely need bleach to lighten it. If you have color on your hair already you will definitely need bleach because color won't lift color.

How long should you wait to go swimming in salt water after dying hair?

yes, you can salt water isn't pure water but yet doesn't have the chemicals to ruin your hair. So yes, you can

What color hair does burgundy turn when you go swimming?

it doesnt change color, it will just fade because of the chlorene in the pool and the sun.

Will dying your hair ruin your natural curls?

No it will not. I have curly, CURLY hair, ringlets, sprials, you name it. I have dies my hair with permadent colors many times and it didnt change a thing but the color.

How long do you have to wait to try to color your hair a medium to dark brown with truffle highlights after the hair has been attempted to be stripped of black hair dye?

Six weeks, unless you want to totally ruin your hair.

If you dye your hair black will clorean change it green?

No, Clorine won't cause your dyed black hair to change to green, but it will cause your hair color to fade. You will notice that the color is not as deep as it was when you first colored it. The best way to prevent this is to do the following before going into Clorinated water: Wet your hair and coat it with conditioner. Do Not rinse. After swimming, rinse out your hair well, in cool water. This is good to do even if you're just going swimming in the ocean or in a lake, just to protect your color.

Do dreadlocks ruin your hair?


How do you prevent chlorine damage to your hair?

To make your hair not a different color or have a weird texture you have to automatically wash your hair after you swim. They also have shampoos and conditioners out there to prevent this if you are a big fan of swimming.

If you dye your hair and go swimming a lot how could you keep the dye from coming out?

Try covering your hair with a shower cap and keep your hair out of the water. You don't need to cover your hair if you don't do a drastic color (like red or dark brown) YOU SHOULD USE A SHAMPOO THAT MATCHES YOUR OWN HAIR COLOR. IT IS MADE TO LOCK THE COLOR IN.

Will you hair go green if you go swimming after you dye your hair?

The chlorine in the swimming pool caused your hair to turn green

Can you straiten kananis hair?

no it will completely ruin it and it will damage her hair

Does swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool damage your hair?

Yes, because the chlorine dries out your hair causing it to become brittle and fall out. It wont, unless you wash your hair after swimming.

How long does green hair last from swimming in a pool?

Not aware that a swimming pool had green hair.

Can you go swimming after using color fiend hair dye?

Unfortunately, going swimming will cause this semi-permanent haircolor to fade quite a bit. The best way to protect it and extend the life of your color would be to wear a swimmer's cap, or avoid getting your hair wet altogether by not going under water.

Will sun-in turn your hair green when you swim?

Sun-In will not turn your hair green if you swim. The reason that hair will turn green when swimming is due to the chemicals in the pool. When your hair is damaged, the chemicals soak in and that is what causes the color change.

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