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it usually makes them leaner. weight lifting builds muscle. running or jogging is an endurance exercise or cardio.

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Q: Does running or jogging make your theighs bigger?
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Does running and jogging make thighs bigger?

Only very vigorous exericse, training everyday not through just trying to get fit

How effective is jogging with a jogging stroller?

Jogging with a jogging stroller is a great workout! If you are a serious runner, you will want to make sure to buy a real running stroller with a stationary front wheel. There is a bit of a "jogging stroller" fad right now but many of those strollers aren't meant for high speed running. Which stroller is right for you depends a lot on what kind of running you will be doing and what the terrain will be like.

Will jogging make your thighs bigger?

No it will slim you down unless you are a body builder then in time yes

Is jogging in place as good as jogging on treadmill?

It depends on what you're looking to do. Jogging in place can be a great cardiovascular exercise (gets your heart pumping), but won't necessarily prepare you for running competition. Whether you choose treadmill or running in place, make sure you are wearing proper footwear and consult a doctor prior to exercise.

Why does sport make you smart?

due to sports ,running ,jogging Peoples becomes healthy & fit .lokks charming fit n smart

Will running a lot make your legs bigger or smaller?

Assuming that you don't have a weight problem it wil make the muscles bigger and as a result your legs will be bigger. If you are overweight it should make your legs smaller if they are carrying a lot of fat.

When is the best time to go jogging?

There is no best time. Some people prefer jogging in the early hours of the morning and some prefer "night running". I'd try and do both and see what suits you best and make a decision from there. I personally like running in the morning due to the fact that there are not many people around.

Can you lose thigh fat by running?

sometimes, it may also make them bigger due to exercise (your leg mussels may get bigger)

How well does running work out your legs?

Sprinters have huge legs, other types of runner don't really. Jogging won't make them grow but HIIT can.

Does running make your legs bigger?

No, but it makes them stronger and more buff. If you eat right and exercise everyday, they will.

Why is water as a nutrient important?

Water makes your blood flow throughout your body. Bloodflow helps you run and jog with no problem. In other words, blood helps bloodflow and bloodflow helps make running and jogging easier. And everyone knows that running and jogging helps burn body fat so you can get thinner. So also water helps your weight.

What foods make your thighs bigger?

i don't think there's actually foods that can make your thighs bigger my friend told me to eat peanut butter and jelly before going to bed it makes your butt big.but try exercise jogging and dancing. that's what i do and my thighs are big and my butt too.

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