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No. they are not added to the quarterback's statistics.

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Q: Does quarterback get credit for completion of pass interference?
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Is an interception counted as a completion for the offensive quarterback?

An interception is not counted as a completion for the offensive quarterback. In fact, it is actually considered to be an incomplete pass.....go figure.

Who is the most accurate quarterback all time?

Based on career pass completion, Chad Pennington was the most accurate quarterback of all times with a 66% pass completion. He is followed by Aaron Rodgers with a 65.7% career pass completion.

Has a NFL quarterback ever thrown a pass to himselve?

Brad Johnson Against Carolina in 1997, he caught his deflected pass and ran three yards for a touchdown

Matt cassel passing yards 2008?

Matt Cassel threw for 3,693 yards. He had 516 pass attempts and had 327 completions, a 63.4 completion percentage. His quarterback rating was 89.4.

What is the name of the pass that the quarterback pitches to the halfback?

shuffle pass

What quarterback had a ridiculously high 88 percent completion percentage in a Super Bowl game?

Phil Simms of the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXI (22 completions in 25 pass attempts).

When the receiver catches the ball the pass is call what?

For the passer, it's called a completion. For the receiver, it's called a reception.

Who threw the longest pass completion in Cowboys history?

The longest pass play in Dallas Cowboys history occurred at Washington on November 13, 1966, when wide receiver Bob Hayes caught a 95-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Don Meredith.

In the NFL what occurs when there is a defensive pass interference?

Automatic First DownThere shall be no interference with a forward pass thrown from behind the line, is one rule about interference. Defensive pass interference is called when a defensive player interferes with a receiver's attempt to catch the ball. If the defender makes contact with the receiver, it is pass interference, unless the contact is incidental, or done in order to make a play on the ball. For example the defensive player can knock the ball down, even if he has to contact the receiver to do it. But he cannot push the receiver, trip him, grab his arm, pull his shirt, etc. Typically referees will call pass interference if the defensive player makes contact with the receiver but is not looking back at the ball.When defensive pass interference is called, the offense receives an automatic first down, and the ball is placed where the interference occurred. If the interference occurs in the end zone, the ball is placed on the one yard line. Pass interference cannot be challenged once called.

Are the goal posts in play - for example - if a pass hits the goal post and is then caught in the end-zone is it a completion or in-completion?

The pass is a dead ball and incomplete

What is the position of the football player who throws the pass?


What quarterback caught his own pass?

Brett Favre