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Lifting 40 pounds at the age of 13 can affect your growth. It can cause a persons muscles to become weakened later on. The age of 13 is too young to be lifting heavy weights.

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Q: Does lifting 40 pounds at 13 affect your growth?
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Should 13 year old be lifting 25 pounds?

there are many different ways that you can lift something. i would need to know how you are lifting this weight. but, if you can lift it and it doesn't hurt then you should be fine. although it is said that you shouldn't be lifting weights until youre older, as it can affect your development.

You are 13 and you have just started weight lifting will it do any good?

If you are asking if lifting will be effective, it can be. It can also be harmful if you press to hard or too heavy. Lift to tone at this point. If you lift to build, you could adversely affect your growth and development. Concentrate on form and technique.

Does working out make you grow taller?

Yes, I started lifting when I was 10 and 5'1. I am now 13 1/2 and 5'10. I went from 80 pounds to 135 pounds, too.

Would lifting small weights at the age of 13 stunt your growth?

Weight training will not stunt your growth. That is a myth. However, that does not mean that it is advisable before the age of about 16. Because of the skeletal immaturity of a 13-year old, it is not advisable that you train with weights.

How does asthma affect growth rates in children?

I had it as a child, and it did not affect me or anyone else that I knew.I have it and im 13, I am very short for my age.

How can climate affect the growth of algae?

it can because algae can survive at a certant tempertue 13 degree C

What is 11stone 13 pounds in pounds?

11stone 13 pounds = 167 pounds.

Can teenagers lift weights?

A teenager CAN lift weights of 7 kilograms MAXIMUM. If a teenager lifts heavier weights, it may affect their growth. For example, my cousin has 13 years old, she's a girl, and lifts weights of 6kilograms each.... so yeah, it's not really affective in that case. But if a teenager (13-16 years old) lifts MORE than that, it will affect they're growth. Plus, I recommend that the minimum age of lifting heavier weights is when they are 17 years old or older. Especially boys, that always want to be like, stronger and good-looking when they're lifting weights. :) Hope this helps!

Does lifting weights when your twelve stunt your growth?

When I was 13 I started pre-freshman football lifting. We max out every 6 weeks. At 13 I was 5ft and I have been lifting weights since and am 5ft 3 at 14 years old. I know it isn't a huge gain but my parents aren't that tall. In fact, genetics are what make you short. Not coffee or lifting weights most of those are myths. I squat 265 yet still grow even though people say squatting stunts growth. Your best bet is to get your forms down before you try to max out or do heavy weight. Benching is shoulders and will not affect your growth. It is healthy to lift weights but since your 12 I would focus on form and repetition before maxing. You should feel stiff or sore after you start lifting which means you worked your body more than it is used too. Use spotters when using free weights!

What is 13 pounds in kg?

13 pounds is 5.9kg

What is 13 stone 11 pounds in pounds?

13 stone 11 pounds is 193 pounds.

What is 7st 13 in pounds?

7 stone 13 pounds = 111 pounds.

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