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Yes he does. Lebron Jr. and Bryce Maximus are the names of his two sons. He lives with both of them and their mother.

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Q: Does lebron still live with son?
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What are LeBron James son's name's?

his 1st son is LeBron James Jr, nd the second is Bryce Maximus

Who would win a fight between Braylon Edwards or Lebron James?

lebron for sure even though braylon would be a nice contendor lebron would still pulverize him. long live the king

What part of Cleveland does Lebron James live in?

I believe he still lives in Akron, Ohio.

Is LeBron James still alive?

LeBron James is still alive.

Is lebron James still living?

Lebron James is still living today

Where does lebron James live in Miami?

where does lebron james live in miami fl

What is lebron James son name?

It is bronny James jr

What is LeBron James' 4 year old son's name?

LeBron James Jr.

Is LeBron James still with the cavs?

Yes LeBron James is still with the Cleveland Cavs as of August 2016.

Which of LeBron James son are older?

Of LeBron James' two children, LeBron Jr is older born in 2004. Bryce Maximus was born in 2007.

How old is Lebron James son?

He has a four year old son and a one year old son

How old is Lebron James's son?

He has a four year old son and a one year old son

How old is LeBron James' son?

He has a four year old son and a one year old son

Does LeBron James have a girl friend?

no he has a wife and son

Does lebron live with Kobe?


Is LeBron still alive?

LeBron James is still alive.

What is the name of LeBron James baby son?

Bryce Maximus James.

Where does Lebron live?

Akron, Ohio

Were did LeBron James live?


How does LeBron James impact on how you live today?

In NO WAY does LeBron James have an impact on my life to this very day.

Who is better dirk or lebron?

even if dirk won a title lebron still plays better than dirk. lebron won an mvp and dirk didn't. so lebron is probably better than dirk.

Is Lebron's parents still alive?

yes they are

Did Lebron James died yet?

Lebron James is still alive today.

The names of LeBron James children?

Lebron James II, his first son and Bryce Maximus James (no, I'm not kidding you)

Does LeBron James have siblings?

LeBron Raymone James is the only son of Gloria James and Anthony McClelland. He was born in 1984, is married and has three children himself.