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No benefit.

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Q: Does kissing enlarge women's breast
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Does kissing enlarge womens breast?

yes...cause they got sexual sensation..that's why on that time their boob size getting bigger

Does sucking on the breast enlarge the breast?


Is there a vacuim pump to enlarge male breast?

No. The only things that enlarge a breast is hormones. A male would have take female hormones to have a breast.

Are big breast good for women?

Some women consider big breast to be sexy or they think that other people think that way and they want to be perceived as sexy. Some women enlarge their breast but in many cases too big breast could cause back pain.

Where can i buy Breast cream and the name of the cream to enlarge your breast?

Save your money. There is no cream, pill or food that will enlarge a breast. The only way is to have surgery. The size of your breast is determined by DNA. Weight will also make a difference and so will pregnancy.

Itchy breast and enlarge breast are you pregnant?

no it means that yhour breast are growing but if your between 10 and 13

If a guy sucks womens breast what happens?

her breast will increase in size

What are breast implants for?

To enlarge or correct the breasts.

Is breast of a girl is enlarge when boy touch it?


How can breast grow?

Breast size is determined by DNA so the size you become is what your body determines. To have a larger breast you need to go for a surgery to enlarge them. No cream, pill, food or drink will enlarge your breasts or help them grow.

What can you do to enlarge your breast?

Breast size is determined by DNA and the only way to enlarge a breast is an implant. No pill, cream, food or drink will make you larger. The only thing you are doing is making someone's pocket larger with your money. Save your money.

Why do women get breast implant?

To enlarge or correct their breasts.

Can a women enlarge her breast by soaking them in water?


Can you enlarge your breast by massaging it with semen as lubricant?

No; it will not work.

What drug enlarge breast?

There are no drugs that can do that. Only surgery.

Describe a girl kissing a girls breast?

i will try the girl goes toward the other girls breast and she puts her lips on it and starts kissing and sucking it there you go

Make breast enlarge pressing the nipple will they grow? pressing nipples dosent make ur breast enlarge the only thing is that just message them regularly n eat helathy foods

Does the womens breast grow?


How to enlarge breast?

There is not a way one can enlarge their breast size without surgery.Hi! Well, Im just going to tell you straight up. There is no possible way to enlarge your breasts. Let puberty take its course and ignore any one who thinks other wise.

Can birth control pills enlarge a male breast?


Why do womens breast's get bigger after weining?

Because they have to hold a lot of breast milk.

Can breast pumps enlarge breast?

No. Save your money. Hormones and DNA are the only thing that affect breast size. No pumps, pills, drinks, creams will change the size. Getting fatter will make them larger, but it also makes your body fatter. Having a baby will enlarge the breast and a plastic surgeon can make them larger.

What is the purpose of a mustache?

To tickle womens external clitoris when kissing it

Can girl pregnant by kissing on her breast?


How do you do breast kissing?

nipple in mouths