Does ipl turns sports into business?

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2011-08-17 14:14:34

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yes it does

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2011-08-17 14:14:34
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Q: Does ipl turns sports into business?
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Who is the owner of kochi ipl team?

Rendezvous sports is the owner of Kochi IPL team

Which pro sports franchise that made the most money in 2009?


Who sports body is the world richest?

IPL - Indian premere League

Do IPl has turned cricket into a big business opportunity?


Where can one find the IPL live score?

The IPL live score would be something you can locate on sports channels, shows and sites such as ESPN or FOX Sports. You can also locate scores from previous days in newspapers.

Who is the owner of delhi dare devils ipl team?

GMR Sports Private Limited is the owner of delhi daredevils IPL team.

Which company won the recent bid for the ipl team based in kochin?

Rendezvous Sports

What sports are played by the rich Bombay Indians?

The Mumbai Indians are an IPL cricket team.

Is DLF IPL necessary for India's development in games and sports?

yes becoz new young stars gets chance play in international matches as they prove his talent in ipl.

What financial influences are there on a sports business?

If you have no money, you cant run a sports business. sorry about that guys

What is the difference between sports management and sports marketing?

Sports management is when people participate in the business side of sports. While sports marketing is also about the business side of sports, it focuses primarily on marketing or promoting a specific team.

Which team made the hihgest score in dlf ipl 2007?

IPL started in 2008.There was no IPL held in 2007. IPL season 1-2008 IPL season 2-2009 IPL season 3-2010 IPL season 4-2011

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