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Not nessisarly it really depends on your skill however you could happen to be good at Baseball and have big hands

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โˆ™ 2012-01-25 02:30:47
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Q: Does having a big hand let you catch a baseball easier?
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How do catch and throw a softball?

with a baseball glove and to throw it use your bare hand

How do you catch a baseball?

Have someone throw the baseball toward you. Hold your hand (or hands) such that the ball will land in them. When the ball touches your hand, grab it so the ball does not drop.

How can you catch a bird by hand?

You should not attempt to catch a bird by hand.

What is the point of having an electric motor?

It makes work easier than doing everything by hand without the motor.

Did Bo Jackson ever catch a fly ball in major league baseball with his bare hand?


What is 5 cooolfacts on softball?

5 Fun Facts about Softball: 1. It's just like baseball except it's for girls!!! 2. The ball is bigger than a baseball so it's easier to catch and hit. 3. When you pitch, you pitch "under"-hand rather than "over"-hand 4. There are 9 positions in defense just like in baseball. 5. The field is smaller than a basball diamond.

Do you need to catch with a certain hand to play first base men in baseball?

Baseball prefers their 1st basemen to be left-handed so they may stretch to catch the ball with the gloved right-hand. That way they don't have to turn their body away from the incoming base runner, and they get to the bag, and in position quicker.

How do you catch tadpoles?

You just jump with the best of them and catch them by hand.

Why do you have to use the appropriate hand tools and power tools in wiring?

Because having the appropriate tools makes you job easier, faster and safer

What do you do if you drop a laptop on your hand?

You catch it.

What is Nick Neal's catch phrase?

In the topsy-turvy world of heavy rock, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful.

Why does catching a baseball with the hand in a fixed position hurt more than catching it with the hand that moves in the direction of the ball?

If you catch the ball while moving your hand in its direction, the ball moves relatively slower towards your hand, thus having a smaller impact and inducing less pain. For example, if the ball flies towards you in 10 m/s and you move your hand back at 7 m/s, the ball will close in on your hand at only 3 m/s.

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