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Q: Does hall of fame person receive money for being elected?
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Can a peson receive money from the government for being short?


When someone dies and they leave money to their family what is that called?

The dead person usually signs a will which states who will receive the money. If you receive the money then i guess that is called inheritance??

How do you receive money for being American native descendant?

you dont

Does it cost money to receive international calls on a land line?

It does not cost money to receive international calls. This is because the person that makes the call is charged.

How much money does the first person voted out of survivor receive?


What is combined residual?

The term combined residual refers to an amount of money that is being split between more than one person. This is income that they receive after the sale of an item.

What do you do when you receive mail with the money missing?

If you receive a piece of mail that was supposed to contain money but the money is missing, you will need to contact the person who sent the money to you. If they did indeed place the money inside and not accidentally forget, you will need to contact your local post office.

Who gets the money in a court settlement if the person awarded the money dies Spouse or children Either?

my husband will receive all the money also if there is no will.

How do you find out if you are eligible for money from the government for being native American?

Natives don't receive money from the US government for being native, that's a stereotype and a myth.

Do you have to have money to become a Pope?

No, you do not have to be wealthy to be the pope. Once elected as pope, you receive no salary but all your living expenses are paid for by the Catholic Church.

How much will I roughly receive from being hit by a drunk driver?

money wise alot

Who is a beneficiary in an online transfer?

The beneficiary of an online transfer is the person who is going to receive the money. He is the person who is going to get the money either as cash or the money will be deposited into his bank account. Since he is going to benefit by getting the money he is called the beneficiary.

Can you really receive money?

No, certainly not. You can receive an award, or you can receive a letter, but you cannot receive money, at least in several cases.

Who is entitled to receive money from a will?

Anybody mentioned in the will is entitled to receive money from a will.

How do you get money for being Indian or what site can i go on?

One can't necessarily get money for being a Native American. Those that live on reservations receive a monthly amount for spending and free housing.

How much is 12.88 an hour?

12.88 an hour refers to the amount of money a person will receive for working one hour. If a person works for 8 hours at 12.88 an hour, they will receive $103.00 before taxes.

Where does your money go in RuneScape dungeoneering?

The money you receive in the dungeons are strictly used for buying resources. Unfortunately, that money cannot leave the dungeons, due to them being "tainted".

What services are available from PayPal?

Paypal allow you to send an receive money using yours and another person's email address. You can send invoices for services and goods. Paypal take a proportion of any money you receive.

How do you earn money by a retired person?

A retired person may receive a pension. He may also continue doing some paid jobs.

Do you receive less money on weekly checks if you also receive EBT?

Yes, you receive less money on weekly checks if you also receive EBT

Do athletes get paid for video games?

Athletes do receive some money for being featured in a video game.

Can you apply for money from social services for being adopted?

no... your adoptive parents should receive some money for benefits but YOU personally aren't entitled to any :)

Does the president get money after he's left office?

Not from the job of being a President. But he might get re-elected and get paid again. But after the white house, they have to get a job. Actually ex-presidents now receive a substantial pension from the government as well as money for office expenses. Of course, he can earn extra money by writing his memoirs, serving on corporate boards and making public appearances .

How much bailout money did FORD receive?

Ford did not receive any bailout money.