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I guess so!

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Q: Does gymnastics help in basketball
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Is basketball or gymnastics more popular?

Basketball is more popular

What do boys wear in Gymnastics?

In gymnastics boy wear basketball shorts and a undershirt

What sports do boys and girls play?

gymnastics, baseball, soccer, bowling, tennis, softball, football,basketball theres more but i forgot yes gymnastics is a boys sport i do gymnastics.

Which one should you do gymnastics or basketball?

it really depends what sport you like better, in my opinion i would do basketball because it is physically active and you can meet a whole lot of people and trust me it is exciting, also i don't know that much about gymnastics so i would do basketball

Sports for girls?

I am a girl and i play volleyball, golf, basketball, and gymnastics.

Does gymnastics help you become a better athlete?

I feel it does because it helps with your coordination. My dad has coached high school and more recently youth basketball for about 20 years, and he swears that gymnastics training helps with coordination, even if its only for a year or two. Gymnastics requires you to be athletic so most gymnasts are generally fair athletes.

What should you do dance or gymnastics?

Why not both!? Dance will help you with gymnastics, and gymnastics will help you with dance! Gymnastics is more of a mental sport, and if you decide to quit once you move up levels and it gets too hard, you can always do dance! Trust me, if you want to do gymnastics, at the minimum take a few ballet classes. They will help you gain flexibility, pointed toes and straight knees as well as your artistry in gymnastics. If you have enough money, I advise you to take dance and gymnastics.

Who can help to me teach basketball lessons?

A basketball coach can help.

What sports are out there?


What do gymnastics stunts help develop?

Gymnastics helps to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Does gymnastics help your blood flow?


Can gymnastics help make a cheerleading tryout?

Partly, gymnastics is alot more graceful while cheer is more sharp and quick. Gymnastics could help tumbling and flexibility. But do not take the style from gymnastics and try it with cheerleading because gymnastics has more graceful and "pretty- looking" skills. So, if you only took the tumbling and the flexibility ( for jumps ONLY) then yes it could help alot with your cheer tryout.

What sport start with U?

Uneven bars gymnastics, unicycle basketball and ultimate Frisbee are sports.

How can strength assist gymnastics performance?

Strength is one of the key elements of gymnastics. It can basically assist ANYTHING. The more strength you have, the easier gymnastics will be for you. Gymnastics is a VERY intensive sport. For Women's Artistic Gymnastics strength will help on every event.

What are the heavy apparatuses in gymnastics?

it is a sport that they help the immune system..............

What are some sports that involve flexibility?

Basketball, Soccer, Football, Gymnastics, Swimming, Bicycling, Running, Baseball.

What are the sports they have?

Football Baseball Soccer Basketball Tennis hockey lacrosse Rugby Poker Volleyball and gymnastics

How many sports are there for girls?

volleyball, basketball, softball, ballet, gymnastics, cheerleading,dance&boxing

Who can help with gymnastics?

i can help!! i am a level 8 gymnast. i know just about everything when it comes to gymnastics because i have been doing gym for 11 years

How does stamina help you in gymnastics?

stamina helps you in gymnastics because if you are tired or unhealthy you cant do as well to achieve goals

List 20 recreational activities?

Football, Netball, Hockey, tennis, Rounders, Cricket, rugby, lacrosse, golf, running, basketball, badminton, dance, gymnastics, aerobics, hurdles, shot put, rhythmic dance, help?

Why are there lines in a basketball?

TO Help you Grip the Basketball when you are playing

How much money do you make doing gymnastics?

Not even close as the major sports like basketball, football,soccer... Most of gymnasts work/train something else along with gymnastics

7 year old gymnast who has been told by her diving teacher to quit gymnastics as she has potential as a diver and gymnastics will not help at present?

Gymnastics will help to build strength and learn tumbling movements that can be used in diving. If she wants to be a good diver, gymnastics really helps with tight form, trust me, I know! :p

How does science help gymnastics?

I really dont think it does.