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The first baseman will in some cases. If the runner at first is a very important potential run with less than two outs, yes they will be held. Holding the runner on decreases the lead-off the runner has, so by holding the runner, the runner has longer to go to score.

If there are two outs, the fielders will normally not hold the runner because if any out is recorded, the inning is over. In this case you want the fielder in the best position to get the out.

In other cases, it is just the coach's philosophy.

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Q: Does first baseman hold runner on with runners on first and 2nd?
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In baseball if a ball is hit to first base and the first baseman grabs the ball in one hand and then touches the base with his glove on the hand that does not hold the ball is the runner out?

YES! Because it is a FORCE out and not a TAGGED out.

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Where is the play if there is 1 out with runners on 1ST base and 3RD base and the ball is hit to infield?

The third base runner is not forced to run in this situation so the play would be for the force out at second with a potential for a double play at first to end the half inning or a hold up at home to prevent the 3B runner from scoring.

What is bunting in baseball?

you put the stick in front and hold it with both hands and let the ball tap it so that you get to first before the pitcher of third baseman can get to it and throw it to first

What are the responsibilities of a first baseman?

Catch ground balls and line drives hit their way, catch pop-ups hit in their direction, catch balls thrown to them by other fielders, hold base runners on, act as relay man on throws from right field to home, back up throws to 2nd base from left field

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Does a base runner hold 2nd and 3rd bases?

No, he stands on them.

How do scouts determine if a base runner is fast?

If you ever pay close attention to the base coaches, you'll notice that many of them hold a stopwatch. They do exactly what the scouts do. They time the runners. This helps the base coach determine whether or not it's safe to give the runner the sign to steal or if he can wave him around 3rd to score. The scouts, of course, use their stopwatches strictly to see how long it takes a runner to get from base to base.

If batter hits high bouncer to pitcher with runners on third and second and the pitcher holds runner on third then throws to first and the batter is safe is this a hit or error by pitcher?

Most likely it is neither a hit nor an error. In most cases this would be scored a "Fielder's Choice". It could be a hit if, in the scorers judgement, the batter would have beat the throw to first had the pitcher not hesitated to hold the runner. It would not be an error unless the pitcher bobbled or misplayed the ball. To clarify, a "Fielder's Choice" can be recorded even if an out is not registered.

Does a pitcher have to pause when on the mound when throwing to first base?

Yes. When there is one or more runners on base, it is mandatory for the pitcher to hold his arms to his side before entering his Setup Stance. When entering Setup Stance, he must hold the baseball with both hands and come to a complete stop before throwing to any base, including pitching. However, if the runner wanted to be stupid and decided to run before the pitcher completes his Setup, he can throw the ball.

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