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The last answer stated that yes swimming would stunt your growth but however that is totally wrong. If you swim to much you might hurt yourself but you wont stunt your growth. Look at Michael phelps he swims 6 hours a day and you expect me to believe it stunted his growth. The avg height for the previous 8 finalists for the U.S olympic swim was 6 FT 5 IN (wikipedia). Swimming makes your spine longer. Now excessive Weightlifting is detrimental to height for the fact that you can fracture your growth plate. back to swimming, swimming is a low impact sport so you will not stunt growth but you might drown.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 23:12:28
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Q: Does excessive time swimming stunt normal growth?
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Does swimming stunt your growth?

doe swimming stunt peoples growth \

Does protein make a child grow taller?

No. While a protein deficiency could stunt growth, excessive protein will not cause beyond normal increases in height.

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Yes, marijuanna does stunt your growth.

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Maybe, but it won't stunt your growth

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no it cannot stunt your growth but it does affect the size of your breasts or penis.

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i dont think it will stunt your growth.

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no, it does not. it is thought to, but it won't stunt your growth! it is still not good for you.

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Weight Lifting Does Not Stunt Growth.

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There is no scientific reason for soy milk to stunt your growth.

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teens stunt their growth by working out to much, or drinking to much coffee

Does working out stun your growth?

over strength training has proven to stunt growth and some supplements (steroids) also can stunt growth

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Weight vests will not stunt your growth. A person's growth in all internal and it does not matter what types of items they have on them.

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Nope - masturbation does not stunt your growth !

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No it can not. Marijuana is a perfectly natural and safe herb. It won't stunt your growth, it will make you happy.

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No. They help your growth.

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Don't stunt a rabbits growth. How do you stunt a humans growth? Don't stunt a humans growth. A rabbitis,as humans are, a living, feeling, breathing creature. To attempt to alter in any way, the growth rate of a rabbit will negatvely effect this creature. Try stunting a human first, then pubicly demonstrate it. Think of the reaction.Rabbits have been targeted for vivisection for years, give them a break. P.S DO NOT STUNT A HUMAN'S GROWTH

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Pull ups do not stunt your growth, they actually help your bones and muscles to grow faster.

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More likely to stunt development.

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Light workouts should not stunt growth at all, but bench pressing heavy weights can.

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