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I do

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Q: Does everyone think the Olympics are a good idea?
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How did Baron Pierre de Coubertin convince everyone that the Olympics was a good idea?

by talking

Why Olympics game 2012 are a good idea?

Olympics is a good idea because it is an event that involves countries around the world, also the Olympics makes allot of money for london

Why were the Olympics held in Greece first?

Because the people in Greece were the first to think up the idea of the Olympics.

Why were the Olympics first held in Greece?

Because the people in Greece were the first to think up the idea of the Olympics.

Why aren't there kid Olympics?

good idea! that would be totally awesome!

SHOULD cricket be olympic sport?

i don't think its a good idea cause the cricketing calender i already so full ....i don't see where they can squeze in the Olympics

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yes gangs are a good idea everyone can be in one there are good gangs not everyone is bad and not all gangs are bad the bloods,crips,and latio kings all had a good rep and now there gang is bad

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yes it is good major and its not that hard not everyone can give you an idea about it.

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Any idea that is interesting to you is a good idea. What do you think of when you think about shapes? What do you believe kids should know about shapes?

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Not a good idea.

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