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Yes, unless you are injured or some how die. Though it is very unlikely to die.

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Q: Does every team in the Iditarod finish the race?
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What do you call it when an Iditarod team has to quit the race?


How many dogs must be on the team at the end of the Iditarod race?

A contestant in the Iditarod usually has 12-16 dogs on their sled team at the beginning of the race. If less than 6 dogs are pulling the sled when they cross the finish line, the team will be disqualified.

What do you call it when a team has to quit a race on the Iditarod?


What type of dogs do they use on a team for the Iditarod Race?

Siberian husky

What is the minimum and maximum number of dogs that are allowed to be on an Iditarod team?

At the start of the Iditarod you may have a maximum of 16 dogs and a minimum of 12 dogs; minimum of 6 dogs are required to continue in the race and are mandatory as you cross the finish line. (

What do you have to do in the Iditarod?

Race a dog team on a thousand-mile course through Alaska.

What is the fewest number of dogs you can race with in a professional dog sledding team?

you can run with a minimum of 4 dogs in the iditarod race

How many dogs does a team must have to finish a race?


What is the most number of dogs you're allowed to have in the Iditarod?

Up to 46 dogs are allowed in the race on one team.

What is the minimum number a Iditarod dog sled team can have at the end of the race?

they have to have had one 24 hour break and one 12 hours break through out the whole race

What is the fewest run number of dogs a team can run with?

When running in the Iditarod race, there are a maximum of 16 dogs allowed on a team. When the racer crosses over the finish line, there must be at least a minimum of 6 dogs pulling the sled to win. They may begin with as few as 12 dogs.

How many teams are registered in this years Iditarod race?

There are currently 67 teams running in the 2009 Iditarod. Check the Anchorage Daily News website ( for the full listing of team names and standings.

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