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Q: Does every player have to be onside when the ball is snapped?
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Were is the off side line in rugby when a player is tackled also if the player laid with his or her arms reached out towards their scrum half.?

In the tackle scenarion. When a ruck, maul, scrum or lineout forms, a player who is offside and is retiring as required by Law remains offside even when the opposing team wins possession and the ruck, maul, scrum or lineout has ended. The player is put onside by retiring behind the applicable offside line. No other action of the offside player and no action of that player's team mates can put the offside player onside. If the player remains offside the player can be put onside only by the action of the opposing team. There are two such actions: An Opponent runs 5 metres with ball. When an opponent carrying the ball has run 5 metres, the offside player is put onside. An offside player is not put onside when an opponent passes the ball. Even if the opponents pass the ball several times, their action does not put the offside player onside. An Opponent kicks. When an opponent kicks the ball, the offside player is put onside. Related links will take you to the IRB rules covering the range of offside and on side regulations

What is encroachment unabated to the quarterback?

Encroachment is when a defensive player makes contact with an offensive player at the line of scrimmage prior to the ball being snapped. Unabated to the quarterback is when a defensive player charges across the line and is on his way to the quarterback before the ball is snapped.

What do you do when the ball is snapped?

it matters what position your in but everyone goes into play when the ball is snapped?

Does a soccer player to be onside have to wait for a played ball to go over his head?

A pass-receiving player must be inline or ahead of (i.e. not be closer to the goal line) the last outfield defender at the time that the pass is struck. Once the pass has been struck, he may sprint behind the last defender and be in a one-on-one with the goalkeeper.If the ball hits the referee or the goal frame, the time of the shot is what counts to determine if a player is onside or offside, not the time at which the ball hits the ref or frame.If a ball comes from a defender (for example from miskicking the ball or miscalculating a pass), nobody is offside.If one player is offside but another player is onside and can still receive the ball, the offside player may decide to not interfere with the play by standing or walking away from the goal line in order to keep the game going.

If an offensive player moves before the ball is snapped what penalty is called?

It's called a false start.

Can an onside kick be advanced if kicking team recovers it?

If the kicking team legally recovers an onside attempt, the ball is dead, the clock is stopped, and the kicking team gets the ball for an offensive series at the spot of recovery.

What is a free kick in the nfl?

A "free kick" is any kick that is not a scrimmage kick. This includes kickoffs, or kicks that put the ball in play following a safety or a fair catch. A "scrimmage" kick, on the other hand, is a kick that takes place on a regular down or a try, when the ball must be snapped. This includes (most) punts, field-goal attempts and PATs. Kickoffs cannot be punted, but any other type of free kick can be punted, place-kicked or drop-kicked.

Is the ball whistled dead when an illegal shift penalty is called?

No, because an illegal shift doesn't happen until the ball is snapped. If every player is shifting, it is legal as long as they pause 2 seconds for high school, 1 second for NCAA/NFL before the snap. So it is a live ball penalty.

When a rugby player kicks the ball should he be the one to run after the ball?

yes, because when he kicks it everyone who is in front of him from the time he kicked it is now offside so he has to run forward to make the rest of his team that was in front of him onside.

Can the kicker be the first one to touch the ball on an onside kick?

As long as it goes 10 yards.

Is a player on the receiving team of an onside kick allowed to bat the ball out of bounds?

No this is a penalty that will require a rekick. Notre Dame attempted this against Navy this weekend 11/15/08

Can you fair catch an onside kick in football?

Yes. However, according to NFL Rules: " If ball hits ground or is touched by member of kicking team in flight, fair catch signal is off and all rules for a kicked ball apply. " Therefore, if the onside kick touches the ground, it may not be fair caught. Since the vast, vast majority of onside kicks are on the ground, it would be a rare sight to see an onside kick fair caught.