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There are many, for example: the Green Thunderbolts, Green Aliens, Green Blazers, Green Bombers, Green Bullets, Green Cobras, Green Extreme, Green Eliminanators, Green Goblins, Green Gladiators, Green Lazers, Green Grenades, Green Venom, Green Vipers, and Green Razor Lazers, The New York Jets.

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The Oakland Athletics have green in their uniforms.

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Q: Does every MLB team have blue on their uniforms?
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Which MLB team has the most uniforms?

the San Diego Padres (4)

Why do MLB umpires where blue uniforms?

Blue is a popular color of uniform an umpire might wear, though not at all levels or every game.

What are the top three MLB uniforms?

Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago white Sox

What is the team salary for the Toronto Blue Jays?

The Toronto Blue Jays's 2014 team salary is $128409900, 8th in the MLB.

Has a MLB team ever won EVERY game in a single month?

Not a single team.

How much is the dry cleaning bill for a Major League Baseball team?

MLB teams wash their own uniforms in on sight washing machines.

Does every team in the MLB have at least one steroid taker?

I think they do.

What is the best Canadian baseball team?

In the major leagues, there is only one major league team, the Toronto Blue Jays. With that said, the Blue Jays are the best MLB team.

Are the Boston Red Sox players required to wear red socks?

no but they usually do. They are not REQUIRED to wear Red Sox, however, per MLB rules, ALL uniforms on a team must match. THerefore, one player cannot wear blue socks while the rest of the team wears red, etc.

How many times has a team scored a run in every inning of a regulation MLB game and which team was the last to do it?


What MLB team does Munenori Kawasaki play for?

Munenori Kawasaki plays for the Toronto Blue Jays.

What MLB team does Aaron Loup play for?

Aaron Loup plays for the Toronto Blue Jays.