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They do play against the a team but not always the Detroit Lions. They both play the same day every year because it is traditional, says the National Football League (NFL).

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Q: Does dallas play at home on thanksgiving every year?
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Do the Dallas Cowboys play at home every Thanksgiving?

Yes. It has become a tradition for the Dallas Cowboys to play a late afternoon home game on Thanksgiving Day, just as the Detroit Lions have long played an early afternoon home game on the last Thursday in November. Dallas occasionally also gets a home game on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Do the Dalllas Cowboys play in Thanksgiving every season?

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions play on Thursday in Thanksgiving every year.

What national football teams play on Thanksgiving day?

The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys both host home games every Thanksgiving. Their opponents are different from year to year. A third game is played on Thanksgiving, but the teams are not always the same.

Will Dallas or Detroit ever NOT host a Thanksgiving Day game?

no detroit and dallas will always play on thanksgiving.

Do the Lions always play at home on Thanksgiving day?

The Lions host a Thanksgiving day game every year, so yes, they always play at home.

Who does Dallas Cowboys play Thanksgiving Day?


In 2007 who did the Dallas Cowboys play on thanksgiving?


When did the Dallas Cowboys not play on Thanksgiving?

Since their first Thanksgiving Day appearance on November 24, 1966, the Dallas Cowboys have played on the holiday every year with the exceptions of 1975 and 1977. The St. Louis Cardinals hosted the afternoon Thanksgiving game in those years.

Who will Dallas Cowboys play on thanksgiving 2009?

The Oakland Raiders

What time will the Dallas Cowboys play on Thanksgiving 2010?

The Dallas Cowboys will play the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints at 4:15 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

What time do the Dallas Cowboys play this Thanksgiving day?


What year did the Dallas Cowboys play their 1st thanksgiving day game?

In 1966.

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