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Q: Does consuming 1.500 calories a day and jogging two hours a day enough to lose body fat?
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By running how many kms can you burn 8000 calories?

Jogging at 10 km/h would burn around 400 calories. Therefore, to burn 8000 calories you would need to jog for about 20 hours. 8000 calories as you may know corresponds closely to 1 kg of body fat (7700 calories).

How many calories burned jogging?

The number of calories burned jogging will depend on such variables as your body weight, your pace, your degree of fitness, the distant covered, and where you are jogging - flat ground or incline, rough ground or smooth ground.However, cardio exercise when done correctly is excellent for burning calories. For information about how to do cardio exercise correctly, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions..

What is the duration of Consuming Passions?

The duration of Consuming Passions is 1.63 hours.

How long will it take you to lose a stone if you only eat 1200 calories a day and do exercise to burn 100 calories a day?

ok to lose weight u need to burn more calories then you are consuming.. if you eat 1200 calories and only burn 100 then your total for that day is still +1100 . see what i mean? so you must burn an amount greater then 1200 calories in order to lose weight.. i dotn know how to measure calories burned but i would guess about 2 hours exercise a day would be enough

What is the calorie count for baseball?

1 hour it's about 238 calories. 1.5 hours it's about 357 calories. 2 hours it's about 476 calories 2.5 hours it's about 595 calories. 3 hours it's about 714 calories 3.5 hours it's about 833 calories. 4 hours it's about 953 calories 4.5 hours it's about 1072 calories.

How many hours is 109 minutes of jogging?

1 hour and 49 minutes, or about 1.816666667 hours

If you weigh 98.6 how much do you have to work out to get to 96.1?

A pound of fat is roughly equal to 3500 calories, therefore losing 1.5 pounds requires burning 5250 calories more than you take in. At your weight, that would require 875 push-ups/sit-ups, or 17 and one-half hours of jogging. Or any combination of those. ...or 87 and a half hours of kissing, if you'd rather.

How many calories does just dance burn?

6 calories a minute 96 calories in 15 minutes 190 calories in 30 minutes 380 calories in 1 hour 570 calories in 1½ hours 760 calories in 2 hours

What exercise can burn 3000 calories?

Well, it's said that if you play badminton for an hour youl burn 500 calories, so if you play badminton for 6 hours you have your request granted.Any exercise can burn 3000 calories if carried on for a long enough duration.What_are_some_frequently_asked_nutrition_questions

How many calories do you burn standing up for 6 hours?

Sleeping - 60 calories Eating - 85 calories Sitting - 85 calories Standing - 100 calories Driving - 110 calories Computer Work - 130 calories Office Work - 140 calories Housework (moderate) - 160 calories Golf (with trolley) - 180 calories Gardening (light) - 250 calories Walking, (3 mph) - 280 calories Ping-Pong - 290 calories Tennis - 400 calories Roller-blading - 400 calories Gardening (strenuous) calories Ice-Skating - 420 calories Aerobics - 450 calories Cycling (moderate) - 450 calories Jogging (5 mph) - 500 calories Swimming (vigorous) - 500 calories Step Aerobics - 550 calories Cycling (vigorous) - 600 calories Walking (vigorous) - 600 calories Skipping with rope - 700 calories Running - 700 calories

How long does it take to lose 45 ibs?

It depends on how many calories of food we are consuming per a day and how many hours of time we are giving for working outs. But always nutritionists are recommending 2-3 pounds of weight loss for 7 days.

How many calories can you burn off by doing three hours of shopping?

about 400 calories