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Q: Does conscientious driver often get defensive or Offensive at times?
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Is the conscientious driver often the offensive driver?

Someone who drives their vehicle according to the rules of the road; they are courteous to other drivers on the road.

Is a submarine a defensive or offensive weapon?

A submarine can be used as either a defensive or offensive weapon. Also note that it is often classified as a deterrent weapon.

What is a sentence using the word conscientious?

During the Vietnam war, some people claimed to be a conscientious objectors. He made a conscientious effort to find the little boy's parents. In daily life, we often have to decide between the conscientious and the practical.

What is one reason why it is often hard to distinguish between offensive and defensive players?

In many sports, players switch between offense and defense very quickly.

What is one reason why it is often hard to distiguish between defensive and offensive?

In many sports, players switch between offense and defense very quickly.

Conscientious means what?

That means careful and diligent

What is an example of a sentence using the word penetrate?

I am often amazed at how fanatically the football game's announcers point up how easy it is for the defensive players to penetrate the offensive line. The ink will easily penetrate the cloth.

Does alcohol lowers inhibitions making a driver more aggressive and less defensive?

Yes, alcohol lowers inhibitions in general, and often makes drivers more aggressive and less defensive.

How often can you take a defensive driving course in New York City?

You can take a defensive driving course as often as you want. If you are submitting it to the insurance company, the discount is valid for 3 years from the date you passed the course.

What is pass interference in flag football?

In general, interference is a deliberate act, with contact, to impede a receiver from catching a pass...or an act by a receiver to prevent defensing a pass (offensive pass interference). It is most often hitting or grabbing the receiver before the pass arrives, or a receiver shoving a defender away. If the pass has not been thrown when a defensive penalty occurs, the lesser penalty of illegal contact will apply instead. The rules are different in each level of play (high school, NCAA, NFL), as are the penalties applied.

What is the concept of conscientious objection?

Conscientious objection is the refusal to perform a legal duty based on moral or religious beliefs. This often occurs in situations where individuals are asked to participate in activities that go against their deeply held convictions, such as military service or providing certain medical treatments. Conscientious objectors may seek alternative ways to fulfill their obligations or may face legal consequences for their refusal.

What is a driver class in Java?

The driver class is often the class that contains the "Main" method.