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If the black 8 ball is the object ball and a foul occurs during the shot, the game is over. This foul is loss of game.

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Q: Does black ball get returned to table 8 ball pool after a foul?
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Do you get two shots on a black ball after a foul?

No, you do not get two shots when you are on the black ball and the other player commits a foul.

Is it a foul if you hit your opponents ball in pool then pot the black when you have none of your balls left?

Yes. If your object ball is the black 8 ball and it is not the ball that is hit first, it is a foul.

What is the penalty for a foul in 8 ball pool?

If you're referring to a foul, it's ball in hand for the incoming player, provided it is a cue ball foul (i.e. scratch, ball off table, hitting opponents ball before your own, etc.). I believe some fouls result in loss of turn, but not ball in hand (i.e. - an object ball leaves the table).

Can you hit an 8 ball out of the way when you still have balls on the table?

Yes. You can hit your ball and hit the 8 ball to another location. If you hit the 8 ball first, it's a foul and your opponent would get ball-in-hand anywhere on the table, however, sometimes taking a deliberate foul is the best strategy.

If the black ball goes in first in billiards before any other ball is it game over?

Session foul you put the black ball in the middle And its ball at hand.

Can you get a foul in softball?

You can not get a foul but you can hit a foul ball when the ball is hit outside of the lines.

What is the difference between fair ball from foul ball?

The markings on the field has a foul line. This is by the running paths by 1st and 3rd. Any ball that lands in between the foul line is a fair ball. Any ball that lands out the foul line is a foul. When ball rolls on the infield and goes out the foul territory will be called foul. But when ball lands on the outfield and rolls to foul territory is a live ball

In baseball if you knock a fair ball foul is it fair?

If the batter "knocks" a ball foul it's foul ...if a fielder "knocks" the ball foul while in fair territory the ball is fare... the fielder can catch the ball in foul territory for an out ...

Any batted ball that bounces on the foul line or lands and stops on the foul line is a foul ball True or False?

If a ball hits the foul line, it is a fair ball.

Is it foul if cue ball jumps after hitting the object ball in 8-ball?

Depends.... Does the ball "jump" off the table and land on the floor? If so then yes. If it jumps off the table and lands back on with out falling into the pocket then no(like a jump). once the ball (any ball) hits the floor it is a foul. jumps are allowed in billards (except snooker i believe)

If a batted ball comes to rest on the foul line before reaching third base is it a foul ball?

the ball is foul

What is a foul ball in softball?

A foul ball is a ball that is hit outside of the foul lines on the field. A ball that bounces in fair territory then goes into foul territory before it passes a base is considered a foul ball. A ball that bounces in fair territory and then bounces into foul territory after it passes a base if considered a fair ball.

If a ball bounces in foul territory and then hits the foul pole above the fence?

Foul ball

Is it a foul if your ball hits the black line where the floor meets the bowling lane?

This one may be subject to a vote of the players on the league. Fouls occur when you release the ball after you have passed the black line with your toe or foot. If you walk past the black line and come back with the ball still in your hand, this would not be a foul. A bowling foul only occurs if you release the ball from the gutter or foot over the black line. Arms and other body parts may cross the black line. If a foul occurs, you should reset the pins and start again. If you get another foul, your turn is over.

If a high fly ball is foul and 1st baseman tries to catch it and the ball hits the tip of his glove and bounces off his glove and goes into fair territory is it fair or foul?

It's still foul cause the ball was hit in foul territory. Whether a ball is fair or foul is based on the position of the ball when it is touched. Since the ball was touched when the ball was in foul territory, it would be a foul ball.

When playing standard 8 ball if you hit the 8 ball in for the win but also accidentally hit your opponent's ball in do you still win?

No. It is a foul; a foul on a pocketed black means that you actually lose the game.

How do you get a foul ball in softball?

When you hit the ball out of bounds. There are white lines and if you hit the ball out of it it is a foul ball.

If a fielder standing in foul territory touches a fly ball over fair territory it is a foul ball?

yes it is a foul ball

What is the difference between a foul ball and a foul tip?

A foul ball is any ball that is hit and is outside of the foul lines. A foul tip is when only the very edge of the bat connects with the ball, generally still allowing the ball to land behind the batter.

Is it foul if the ball hits the plate?

Yes its a foul ball but keep on running to the next base until the umpire calls it a foul ball!!!!

If a batted ball is down the foul line of 1st or 3rd base then it's a fair ball?

if the ball is hit on the foul line then it is foul

Is the ball fair or foul if it is a line drive and you are in fair territory but reach in foul territory to catch it and touch the ball?

It is considered a foul out. The ball determines wether it is fair or foul.

What is the opposite of the word foul?

Fair is opposite. Foul Ball, Fair Ball.

What is lose ball foul in basketball?

A personal foul where no team has control of the ball

If a batter hits a ball and it goes over the third base bag but lands foul is this a fair or foul ball?

A ground ball its fair. A fly ball is foul.