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Q: Does being good at free throws make you a better shooter?
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What is the free throws on an intentional foul when the shooter makes the basket?

2 free throws, just saw it in the Syracuse Pitt game.

Which is the better average10 of 15 free throws or 8 of 10 free throws?

8 of 10 free throws

Are boys or girls better at free throws?

Boys are better at free throws because they have more muscle mass

How do you get better at free throws?

Keep practicing and you will gradually get better

Why are boys better at free throws then girls?


Who is Ted St. Martin?

he is a profesional free throw shooter who currently hold the world record for most free throws in a row at 5,221

Who is the best clutch free throw shooter in NBA history?

Steve Nash, plays for the Phoenix Suns, born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is the best clutch free throw shooter in NBA history. However, Dirk Nowitzki has emerged as a very clutch free-throw shooter, making more than 95% of his free-throws that he shoots in the fourth quarter.

What are some calls one might hear a referee make?

Walking/ TravelingCarrying/ PalmingDouble DribbleHeld ball/ Jump BallGoaltendingBackcourt violationTime restrictionsPersonal Fouls:HittingPushingSlappingHoldingIllegal pick/screenIf a personal foul is called after someone hits the shooter, the shooter gets- 3 free throws if shooting a 3 point shot- 2 free throws if shooting a 2 point shot- 1 free throw if the basket goes in after the foul

Did Wilt Chamberlain dunk his free throws?

Yes he did. Wilt was never a good free throw shooter and tried many methods including underhanded which was popularized by Rick Barry who was very accurate using that method.

How can you get a free activation code for alien shooter?

How can i get a free activation code for alien shooter

A chance to shoot after being fouled in basketball is called?

Free Throws

Did wilt miss a free throw in collage?

Wilt Chamberlain was a two-time All-American at the University of Kansas. However, he was not the greatest free-throw shooter, making just 61.9% of his free throws for his two varsity seasons at Kansas.