Does ballack play for Chelsea

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No Micheal Ballack plays for Bayer Leverkusen in Germany

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Q: Does ballack play for Chelsea
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What club does Michael ballack play for since he left Chelsea?

Michael Ballack will play for Bayer Leverkusen. (Germany)

How many Germans play in premier league?

1 Ballack (Chelsea)

Did Michael Ballack play in the Champion's League Final 2007 08?

Yes, Michael Ballack did play in the final of the Champions League. He scored a penalty at the end of the game, after taking the first for Chelsea.

How much did Michael Ballack cost Chelsea?

The German player Michael Ballack joined Chelsea on a free transfer , from the German club Bayern Munich.

How is the Chelsea penalty taker?

Lampard is the one who takes penaltys for Chelsea and if he is not playing ballack takes them

When does Manchester United vs Chelsea?

Manchester united play Chelsea in the champions league final on Wednesday the 21st may 2008. The two teams have already played twice this year in the premiership with a win going to each team. Manchester United 2 - 0 Chelsea Chelsea 2 - 1 Mancheser United : Scorers for Chelsea: Ballack pen, Ballack header United Scorers: Rooney

What country does ballack play for?

Michael ballack plays for Germany

Who is Micheal Ballack?

German footballer currently playing for Chelsea F.C.

When was Micheal ballack born?

Michael Ballack The German football midfielder who plays for Chelsea of the English Premier League was born 26 September 1976.

Who wore the number 13 shirt for Chelsea before Michael Ballack?

William Gallas

What country does Micheal ballack play for?

Michael Ballack plays for the German national football team.

How much was Michael Ballack signed from Bayern Munich Football Club to Chelsea football club?

It was a free transfer.

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