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Had the same issue, my mechanic recommended to rebuild trans, did so now no problems.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-04 04:32:17
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Q: Does anyone have any suggestions for a lost 3rd gear on your 92 Olds 88 Royale?
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What could be wrong with a 1993 Olds Royale 88 3.8L engine when its cold it runs better in drive after it warms up it wont go over 30 mph unless the car is in second gear?

sounds like the coil need to be replaced olds 88's have been known to have that problem

Can anyone explain why there is a rumble sound when you back up; you think it might be the brakes sticking to the rotors but any else have any other suggestions?

The ring gear on the differential might be misaligned.

Who is the sitg of Top Gear?

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What is the rear end ratio on 80 olds cutlass Calais with 260 v8?

The rear end gear ratio on a 1980 Oldsmobile is 3.73, in the overdrive gear. The low gear ratio is 1.43.

Does a 1997 Olds Sihlouette have a timing belt or chain?

the van either has a chain or a gear to gear timing system. GM did not us belts in that engine

The clutch on your Mazda B1800 ute appears to be stuck you can start in neutral and cannot engage a gear OR you can start in any gear but not change it any suggestions please?

buy a Toyota

Fiat barchetta juddering in first gear?

can anyone advise me my fiat barchetta is judering in first gear

Your 1993 Oldsmobile eighty eight royale wont start or go into gear whats the problem?

Key won't turn or it does and the engine won't turn over?

Your 98 lumina quit driving going down the road it wont move in any gear the trans fluid is full it wont even jerk when put into gear any suggestions?

I have a 95 Lumina 3.1 and it would cut out of gear when I would stop, it turned out to be the sprag gear in the transmission. $$$$

Your 1997 Ford Aspire automatic will not shift into its last gear manually shifting does not do anything either any suggestions?

If a vehicle, manual or automatic, does not shift into a certain gear, there may be a problem with that gear. Gears get worn and need replacing in a vehicle's lifetime.

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Why does a 2002 cavalier shift into high gear while driving?

While driving my cavalier will shift into high gear for at least a couple of minutes. Shifting gears,giving it gas does not help. Any suggestions?

What is a diagnostic code P0730 on a 2003 Olds Alero?

Trouble code P0730 means: Incorrect Gear Ratio

Why is the shifter in 95 olds aurora suddenly hard to move?

take it apart and grease gear track inside.

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What is wromg with a transmission in a 1994 Olds 98 it will not shift past 2nd gear?

Its overhaul time for your tranny sorry to say.

1992 ford ranger manual tranny stuck in gear any suggestions?

Remove shifter from the top and try to align shift pegs

1996 Olds Ciera wont go into gear until the car warms up for about 4 min while in gear. The okay the rest of the day. Any ideas?

Try changing the transmission fluid and filter

What is that reddish yellow liquid in the blast furnace on Metal Gear Solid Does anyone know what it is?


My 1995 dodge stratus will come out of gear when driving at higher speeds then when you slow down to 20 mph it will go into 2nd gear and you can't get it out of that gear Anyone else have this sameb?

I am having the same problem and have not taking the car to the shop yet

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92 olds 98 3.8L it keeps stalling when it is hot when you put it in gear?

could be torque convertor or vaccuum leak or vaccum advamnce...many possibilities

Why does my 1989 2.2 turbo start ok idles ok put in gear still runs no power to pull away any suggestions?

try replacing the fuel filter

What is the cause for a 2002 Dodge Dakota 3.9L P1763 code and starts off in 2ND gear?

Could possibly be a shift solenoid ,or neutral safety switch, just suggestions.

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