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No, it does not.

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2011-01-16 18:30:19
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Q: Does an NBA player's career point total include points from All-Star games?
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How many University of Oklahoma Men's Basketball players have scored at least 2000 career points?

There have been 5 OU Bball players who have scored at least 2000 points in their career.

NBA players who averaged 10 points for career?

Tucker Gardiner

Are points scored in playoffs added to the nba all time scores list?

They are still points, aren't they? Yes, they are added. Correction: Actually no, points scored in nba playoff games are not added to the total points scored in a players career. Career points scored for a player usually only refers to the regular season and does not include the nba postseason or aka playoffs. It is because technically playoff games are considered exhibition games, so while stats are also kept for these exhibition games the exhibition games do not count towards a players career total. For example the nba all-star game is also an exhibition game, so any points scored during the all star game will not count towards a players point total for the season or his career. Same goes for rebounds, blocks, assists, etc.

Can you change a players stats in fifa 09?

Yes, but only in career mode through experience points you collect playing matches.

How many points did Michael Jordan have at the end of his career?

32,292 career points.

How many career points does Dwyane Wade have?

On this date (02.29.08) he has 7,403 career points

Who are the only two NBA players in history to average 30 points a game for a career?

As of the 2007-08 season, that would be Michael Jordan at 30.12 points per game and Wilt Chamberlain at 30.07 points per game.

Name all NBA players that scored 30000 points in their career?

name all NBA players with 30,000 points scored in their career 1.) Kareem Abdul- Jabbar - 38,387 2.) Karl Malone - 36,928 3.) Michael Jordan - 32,292 4.) Wilt Chamberlain - 31,419 5.) Kobe Bryant - 30,641 and counting as of January 2013

What is Tracy Mc'grady career high in points?

Tracy McGrady's career high is 62 points

How many career points does Steve Nash have?

As of August 13, 2011, he has 15,877 points for his career.

How many career points does dirk nowitzki have?

Dirk Nowitzki has 19,045 career points.

How many points does Paul Pierce have in his career?

Paul Pierce has 21,410 total points for his career

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