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Generally yes

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Q: Does all black letters and numbers on a golf ball mean 100 compression?
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What is compression of a golf ball mean?

The compression of a golf ball is basically a rating of how hard or soft it is. The lower the compression the softer the ball is.

What is compression in golf ball?

The compression of a golf ball is basically a measurement of how hard or soft it is.

Is there any difference between Titleist golf balls with red markings from those with black markings?

The ones with red numbers are 90 compression, while the ones with black are 100 compression. In other words the black ones are harder than the red ones. 3/17/2010 Conversation with Titleist Ball Plant number 1. There is no difference between the Pro V's red numbered and black numbered balls.

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What is a low compression golf ball?

A golf ball with a compression rating of 70-80 is considered a "low compression" ball. They distort easier, giving them a softer feel and more greenside control but less distance.

What is the compression of a Titleiest Pro V1 golf ball?

Compression of a golf ball has not been used for about 10 years, as a result it is no longer given as data for golf ball performance.

What compression is the calloway warbird golf ball?

It is a soft compression golf ball which means that it will help a golfer with slower swinging speeds add distance.

Why are some numbers on a golf ball red and some black?

just random colors, no reason for it.

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How do you know what compression is a golf ball?

In all honesty, this is so outdated. Years ago, the manufacturer would state the compression of a golf ball. Now they do not. There is no need to know that information.

What is the compression for Titlelist Pro V golf ball?


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