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yes. but for ten more dollars you can get an Azodin Blitz, which comes with a nicer regulator, trigger, lighter striker, better detentes an a better customer service

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Q: Does a spyder electra come with an EYE?
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Spyder RS or Spyder Electra 09'?

RS, the electra may weigh a little less but is not worth the price difference considering the tech on the inside is the same

Is the Spyder Victor Semi-Automatic better than the Spyder Electra with eye?

No, The Electra is Spyders "step up" from the victor. It is inside the same as the victor, but also has electronics and other features. The same with Tippmann, Azodin, and many other companies, they release a low, mid and "high" end gun together. The victor in this case is their cheapest and most "bare boned", then the Sonix, and then the Electra.

What is better a smartparts ion or spyder electra?

performance wise, the ion, maintenance wise the electra, look into the ion xe, it has the same performance as the ion but the ease of maintenance of the electra

Spyder rsx or Spyder Electra 09'?

RSX, if im not mistaken the RSX has the new spyder balance valve (slightly less kick and better efficiency) and a regulator, electra, while nice is nowhere near worth the price tag since the tech in it is the same as every other spyder. Also look into the EW-1 it is very close to the RSX and electra (its actually a rebadged vs1) selling for $50 right now, eyes and e-frame stock and can work off co2 (no reg or balance valve though)

What tank does a spyder electra LT use?

any Co2 tank and high pressure HPA tanks.

Do you need to charge your 09 spyder sonix paintball gun?

no. only if the title of your paintball marker says "electra"

When does the Porsche 918 spyder come out?

The Porsche 918 spyder will come out at 2014 and will cost $800000

How do you stop your spyder electra from shooting by itself?

There are several problems than can lead to this. Consult a gunsmith or ask a knowledgeable friend.

How do you shoot spyder electra?

put mask on, screw tank in, put a hopper on, put paint in hopper. press on button, pull trigger.

Where did the word electra complex come from?

The term electra-complex was coined by the psychologist Carl Jung.

What is better a spider electra or a dangerous power g3?

The G3 is a better gun not just from a personal stand point, but obvious reasons. The G3 is the lightest marker ever produced. There are many more modes then the spyder and the metal is of a higher quality. The Spyder is also an older gun then the G3.

Do you have to get the co2 adaptor specifically made for your spyder e99 or can you get any spyder adaptor?

It should come with one on it, but any adapter will work, they all have the same threading.