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No, not unless the relief pitcher relinquishes his teams lead. Relief pitchers often enter games with runners on base. On occasion, some of those runners score. Those inherited runners scoring are charged to the prior pitcher(s) who allowed them to get on base. If the reliever holds the lead, even if some runners score, the reliever gets a save if he finishes the game. Oddly, a reliever can enter the game with a lead, with inherited runners on base, relinquish the lead (the other team ties the game or takes a lead), get a blown save and then win the game. If he relinquishes the lead and then in the other half of the inning or the next inning his team regains the lead or wins and he is the pitcher of record, he gets both a blown save and a victory. Rewarding ineptitude......

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Q: Does a relief pitcher who allows inherited runners to score receive a blown save?
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