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I would think it does go together.Unless the stripes are different colors.

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Q: Does a pin stripe suit and a pin stripe shirt go together?
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Does a pin stripe suit and stripe shirt go?


Would you wear a solid tie with a pin stripe shirt?

A solid tie would stand out over a pin stripe shirt.

Would a black stripe shirt match a pin stripe grey pants?

No. that is unstylish no

Does a pin stripe suit goes with a white shirt with purple stripped lines but the collar and sleeves are white?

What color is your suit? 1. Charcoal / shades of gray - Very Nicely 2. Black - Smart 3. Midnight Blue - Under artificial light, yes. But 1. and 2. are better!

What color shoes do you wear with a light blue shirt and pink and blue pin stripe tie?

black heels, and if you don't wear heels , flats

What does the tenth doctor wear?

The 10th Doctor (played by David Tennant) wears a long sleeve business shirt and tie under a brown pin-stripe suit with trainers on his feet. He also has a long, lighter brown over-coat which he often takes off when entering the TARDIS. He is also seen occasionally in a blue suit but the rest of the outfit remains the same.

Does a pin stripe suit and checked shirt pattern go together?

With out seeing it, I say no. Too many patterns clashing and possibly too many colors. If the checks are not too bold and on a tie it may work. Personally, I'd stick with solids when wearing pin stripes keep it simple. Ok now, the above guy is correct if your a lawyer going to court. But, overall go ahead and wear it. Just follow a few rules. The 2 of 3 rule. Only 2 pieces of your suit, shirt and tie should have a pattern. Then secondly make sure the patterns are not similar and they should compliment each other. Me personally I like a light pinstripe with a check shirt and solid tie. It is a bold look and you will stand out.

Can you used a comma before with?

Commas depend on the grammar and sentence construction. Without a comma before with... Sally wore a pin-stripe suit, black hosiery with red bows, and carried a black striped handbag. With a comma before with... Sally wore a pin-striped suit, with a matching handbag.

What does a man wear as a guest to a spring wedding?

Men can wear black; brown; blue; pin stripe suits or a sports jacket in a mocha color (coffee/cream color) and slacks to suit the sports jacket, with a shirt to go with the sports jacket and a tie. The shows should match the suit or sports jacket and slacks (example: blue, black ... black shoes; pin stripe with gray in it or blue can be worn with black shoes; but, brown suits or sports jackets with brown slacks (including mocha color) should be worn with brown shoes. If you do not own a suit; sports jacket or slacks and do not feel you will get much wear out of it then you can go to a wedding rental shop and rent everything.

What PIN does the colored stripe on a data cable indicate?

ATA Pin 1

How should i dress to a call center job interview?

To interview at a bank, you should wear professional clothing. If you are a man, you should wear a suit and tie, or at least khakis and a sports coat. If you are a woman, you should wear a dress or skirt and blouse and high heels. Make sure to look clean and neat. Good luck! Later on in your career, you should wear a blue pin stripe suit, Hermes tie, french cuff shirt and full brogues.

On a flat data cable what does the red or blue stripe mean?

The red stripe marks pin one, which ensures the ribbon cable is pushed into the socket the correct way round.