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If he wants to complete the competition, yes.

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Q: Does a person in the decathlon have to perform all 10 events?
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Who has won all ten events in the decathlon?

No one on a national or international level has won all ten events in one given decathlon.

How many events in decathalon?

There are ten events in an Olympic Decathlon. Some of the events include running, shooting a rifle, bicycling, and swimming. The decathlon takes two days for all of the events to be finished.

Should a participant play in all 10 Decathlon Events?

Yes, if they are doing the event.

How many miles are in a decathlon?

A decathlon is a multiple event competition. There are four running races as part of the events, so after completing those events you will have run 2110 meters (and have gone over 10 hurdles), less than 1 1/3 miles. There are 4 other events in the decathlon that involved running, as a set up to jump or throw. You get three attempts in each of those events and your distance to run up is your choice (averaging 25-30 meters each time for a long jump, a high jump significantly shorter). Then there are two events that are throws from a circle. The main point is, the decathlon is not about long mileage like a marathon, it is about excellence over a variety of events, or tests. Further, it is difficult to train for all of those events at the same time. In particular, the body type that would be ideal for the Shot Put and the 1500 meters are about as opposite as possible.

What are the field events in track field?

hi all field events in track and field are:high jump, pole jump, pong jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, hammer throw, javelin, decathlon, pentathlon, walking

How many events did Bruce Jenner Win in the 1976 decathlon?

The easy answer is one, as in the Decathlon is a single event worth a single gold medal. The more complex answer is also one. The Decathlon is comprised of ten events with all decathletes competing in all of them for points. Out of the decathletes in the 1976 competition Jenner only won one event, the Discus. He was 8th in the 100 and Long Jump, 7th in the 110 hurdles, 4th in the Javelin and 2nd in the Shot Put, High Jump, 400, Pole Vault and 1500

What events were included in the 1976 Olympic decathlon?

The events were the same as in every decathlon since (and nearly all before): 100m Long Jump Shot Putt High Jump 400m 110mH Discus Pole Vault Javelin 1500m

What are all the events in a decathlon?

The decathlon is an olympic sport where olympians try to become, as its known, 'the best athlete in the world'. The decathlon has 10 events that are all in track and field. The decathletes do five events the first day and the other five events the day after. Here's how they do it: Day 1: -100 Meter Dash -Long Jump -Shot Put -High Jump -400 Meter Run Day 2: -110 Meter Hurdles -Discus Throw -Pole Vault -Javelin Throw -1500 Meter Run Hope this helped!

Define the sport track and field?

Track and Field is a athletic sport where players need to be fast, exclusive and strong. These sports includes running, jumping and throwing events. Players need to perform well in their specified events and the person getting high score by calculating total of all events will be the winner.

What summer olympic event traditionally determines the best all-around athlete?


What does the words decimal decagon decade and decathlon have in common?

They all start with the prefix de- and mean something to do with the value of the number 10. Decimal: Counting system based on number 10 Decagon: A polygon with 10 sides and angles Decade: A period of 10 years Decathlon: Competition in which an athlete competes in 10 events

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What companies offer insurance events?

All insurance companies offers events to welcome new customer to their companies. A person would just have to call a few to see when the events will be held.

The most challenging sport?

Olympic athletetes claim that it is the Decathlon which is a series of ten different track and field events held over a two day period. It is difficult because it requires training and skill in throwing events like the Shot Put, Discuss and Javelin, four different running events as well as the Long Jump, High Jump and the Pole Vault. The basic requirements are for a good all around athlete.

Why are ten gold medals called decathlon?

It could be because there are 10 so it is a 'dec'ade just like 'dec'athlon. So it could just have to with it being 10. Decathlon is a combined event, meaning the competition is about the athlete's performance comparatively across ten events (against a scoring table--a formula for assessing points to a performance). But there is only one gold medal for winning. A decathlete could win all ten events in the decathlon competition, against other decathletes, but not be good enough in any one single event to medal against specialists. The challenge is versatility, to be fast enough to excel in a 100, 400, 110 Hurdles and Long Jump, but to still be strong enough to throw a shot put, discus and javelin, additionally be able to high jump, skilled enough to pole vault and have sufficient endurance to do a 1500, all within about a 30 hour period of time. Five events on one day, with a half hour of rest in between and five events the second day.

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