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Q: Does a injured basketball player get full salary?
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Do they get their full salary if injured in the NHL?

they do if they have a contract

The potential dangers and safety issues related to basketball?

do not poor any slippery liquids onto the basketball courts, this can lead to a player getting injured while running full speed.

Is injured Tom Brady getting paid?

Yes. The Patriots have placed Tom brady on the Injured Reserve. He is paid his full salary and that salary still counts against the teams salary cap limit.

What is the basketball player Jordans full name?

Michael jeffery Jordan

What is IR stand for in American football?

Injured Reserve, It is a classification for injured players that allows a team to replace them on the active roster. Players placed on injured reserve are not allowed to return to play until the next season and they are paid their full salary during their time on IR.

When can a basketball player be nominated for the hall of fame?

Only after a player has been retired for five full yearscan he/she be nominated to the Hall of Fame.

What is the vertical height attained by a basketball player who achieves a hang time of a full 1 s?


What is the salary of university full professor salary in qatar?


Do premiership footballers get paid full wages when they are injured?

Footballers see to it that in the contract that the two clauses are there. That they will get their full weekly salary even if they miss the whole season due to injury. And even if they have a dispute with the coach , who makes them sit on the bench.

What is Sue's full name?

Sue Bird also known as Suzanne Brigit is an American Women's Professional Basketball Player for the Seattle Storm basketball team and the UMMC Ekaterinburg.

Does a full basketball weigh the same as a flat basketball?

No, because the full basketball includes the mass of the air, unless you don't include the air, then they are the same.

What was the first name of the professional basketball player Woolridge?

Woolridge played in the National Basketball Association from 1981 to 1994. His full name is Orlando Vernada Woolridge and he was born in Bernice, Louisiana.

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