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it really depends on the weather conditions. you have to take both wind,rain and hardness of the ground into consideration

how far a ball travels depends on how much the ball reacts off the face of the club, its called the trampoline effect. The harder you swing, the more the ball is compressed at impact and that translates into how fast it leaves the clubface or springs off the clubface. If you can't compress the ball it won't spring off the face so it won't go anywhere. That being said if its winter the ball is really hard and you can't compress it. A ball will travel the farthest on a warm sunny day. I am a PGA TOUR caddy so I really need to know this so I can club my player. If we play in the morning and its cool, we need to take a 1/2 club to sometimes a full club more.

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Q: Does a golf ball go farther in the winter or the summer?
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