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yes i think it does as when you hit a Golf ball it doesnt land straight away does it it starts bouncing further and further so you get further.

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Q: Does a golf ball's bounciness affect how far it will go?
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Does the bounciness of a golf affect how far it goes?

yes they got married in 2005. They now have 4 kids. Nice question.

Does a ball's bounciness affect how far it will go?

A bouncier balls is likely to travel to farther distances than a lesser bouncier ball. A number of experiments conducted to prove this have shown that bouncier balls go the distance.

Do golf balls fly?

Not on their own, but when you hit them far, they "fly."

How far can tiger woods hit golf balls with all his golf clubs from driver to wedge?


Why do golf balls have dents?

it protects the direction and width of how far the ball is going.

Why do cold golf balls not travel as far?

i dunno. i tryed it will my own balls it worked surprisingly :) but dont use warm balls as they are very soft and sweaty :/

What sports use aerodynamics?

Most sports which include the use of balls. Golf balls are designed to go far, as are footballs etc.

What is the difference between Women's golf balls and men's golf balls?

Women's golf balls have softer rubber cores, which helps add distance for people with slower swing speeds.AnswerI have been playing golf for eight years and right now I'm 13, so i know the answer 100%. Women's golf balls have soft cores and they are better if you want more back spin on you shot. Most people also preffer womens golf balls on the putting green because it goes slower with a better feel. Men's golf balls are hard core. They don't give as much back spin as the women's golf balls. So if you want to improve your far distance with the driver, then I would recommend to you Men's golf balls.

Dunlop or Nike golf balls?

Nike by far. One series is about 50 one of the best.

Do different golf balls travel the same distance when hit?

No, not all golf balls travel the same distance when hit. This is because all golf balls are made differently. Some golf balls are distance golf balls which have low spin, and they also have a harder core which means they go farther, but feel and spin are sacrificed. Some golf balls like the pro v 1 do have responsive cores but they are soft and allow for a lot of spin, therefore they do not go as far, but have a lot of feel. We are not talking 50 yards here, we are talking probably less than 10.

Does the temperature of the golf ball affect how far it travels when hit by a golf club?

yes, the hotter the ball the softer it becomes it will then affect the COR (coefficient of restitution)

Why do golf balls fly so far?

because the golfer hits them harder and harder then farther and farther.