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Yes, a punter does.


They can but rarely do. A punt is not a dropkick. A dropkick involves letting the ball hit the ground and kicking it on the bounce.

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Q: Does a football player drop kick the football?
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What is a 'drop kick' in football?

Gaelic Football (GAA) is a sport mostly played in Ireland a drop kick is when u drop the ball and kick it very much like Rugby

What is a drop kick in Gaelic football?

Gaelic Football (GAA) is a sport mostly played in ireland a drop kick is when u drop the ball and kick it very much like rugby

Can you drop kick in Gaelic football?

yes you can

Does a drop kick have to make contact with the ground in the nfl?

Yes, that is the very definition of a drop kick in every sport that allows it. A drop kick is a type of kick whereby the ball bounces off the ground before kicking it. It is a legal play not only in the NFL but in the CFL, association football (soccer), rugby, Arena football, and Australian rules football.

How do you drop kick an American football?

You drop kick an American Football by letting the football touch the ground just before you kick it. You hold the football with the laces up, the point out, and the football about waist high. You drop the ball so that it lands on a flat part just behind the point between two seams. It touches the ground a split second before you kick it. The objective is to kick it between the goal posts. A drop kick scores an extra point or a field goal. Thus, a player can be standing on the 10 yard line after a touchdown. He can look at the defense. If they are set up to try to block the kick, he can try to pass the ball for 2 points. If they are set up to defend against the pass, he can drop kick for one. He can be on the 30 yard line. If the opposition is in one defense, he can drop kick for a field goal, otherwise he can punt to put them near the goal, or even try to pass for a first down. If he is good, the drop kick can be an effective weapon.

How do you do a pass in football?

Kick the ball to another player in your team.

When you drop the football what is it called?

when a football player drops the ball what is ti called

What is the duration of The Drop Kick?

The duration of The Drop Kick is 1.03 hours.

When was The Drop Kick created?

The Drop Kick was created on 1927-09-25.

In football can you be offside from a goalkick?

No. A player cannot be offside directly from a goal kick.

What player has scored the most goals on free kick in football history?


What education is needed to be a pro football player?

go to school then drop out

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