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It depends on what you mean by "Different type". If you mean different brand name then no but if you mean a different amount of air in the ball then yes.

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Q: Does a different type of volleyball affect the height it bounces?
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Does the height you drop a ball from affect how high it bounces?

Iit affects it by graavity

How does temperature affect the height at which a ball bounces?

The mocules for cold air are slower so it makes it not bounce as high and the normal temperature bounces higher.

How does the mass of a ball affect the height of its bounce?

The more air the rubber gets stronger and then bounces higher.

What is the height of a volleyball net in middle school?

the net height for volleyball is about what

Is the net set at a different height when males play volleyball?

yes the net is much higher when males play volleyball

Does the size of a bouncy ball affect the height it bounces?

A little, to the extent that a smaller (lighter) ball is fighting the pull of gravity less as it bounces upward, so it may get a little higher. But the height the ball bounces is much more dependent upon the resiliency - the "springiness" - of the rubber or rubber compound the ball is made from.

What is the height of the volleyball net for womens and co-ed?

The height of the volleyball net for women's indoor volleyball is 7'4"

How height is the net for volleyball men?

The height of the net for mens volleyball is 8' tall.

How does the height of a ball dropped affect the number of bounces it will make?

its weight aslo effects the bounce its weight aslo effects the bounce

What is the height of the net for women's volleyball?

the height of the net for womens volleyball is eight feet high

Does the height from which a ball is dropped affect how high it bounces?

Yes because of the balls energy, potential that turns into kinetic that makes a ball bounce.

Why does heat affect the height a tennis ball bounces?

Because the temperature affects the height of the tennis ball because the more heat the more the air pushes out when bounce the colder the less

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