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There are similar questions here already that have been answered. No, if the ball bounces in fair territory and then goes over the fence, it is a ground rule double.

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Q: Does a batter get a home run if a ball bounces on the field and then over the fence?
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If a ball bounces in foul territory and then hits the foul pole above the fence?

Foul ball

If a ball bounces first then goes over the fence is it still a home run?

A ball that lands inbounds (fair ball) and then bounces over a fence or other barrier is ruled a 'ground rule double'. The batter is required to stop at second base. All other runners are allowed to advance two bases or to home plate, scoring a run.

What is a foul ball considered in softball?

A foul ball is considered a strike in softball if you catch it its an out. but if it bounces of a fence an you catch it its not an out. If it bounces of an that would have been the third stike then its an out

What happens if a pitched ball bounces and the batter hits it?

It is considered a legally batted ball subject to being a fair or foul ball. Also, if a pitched ball bounces in the dirt and strikes the batter, the ball is dead and the batter receives first base as he was legally hit by a pitched ball.

What is the ruling if a pitched ball bounces before it hits a batter Is it a dead ball or live ball?

live ball

Batter hits a pitch and the ball bounces and hits the batter is he out?

If the batter is in fair territory, the batter is out. If the batter is not in fair territory, for example the batter is still in the batter's box, the ball is called foul.

What is it called if the ball hits the warning track and bounces over the fence and why?

A Ground rule double

Is the batter out if the ball bounces off another player and it is caught before hitting the ground?

Depends. If the ball bounces of a defensive player, and is caught, the batter is out. If it hits a runner, the ball is dead and the runner is out but the hitter is awarded first base.

Is it a home run if the ball bounces on the top of the wall and then comes back into the field?

No, a home run is when the ball goes out of the field.

Is batters box fair territory?

NO, if the ball bounces in the batter's box the hit is automatically called a foul ball.

Pitcher throws ball and ball hits ground first bounces up and batter hits it. is this a hit?

No. You fool.

What does a catcher do on field?

a catcher does more than you think for example if the ball gets by the batter then it would go all the way back to the fence, or if a runner is stealing then who is going to throw the ball to get them out

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