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It's 90 feet along each edge of the diamond, so a home run would be 360 feet.

If you're asking how far you have to hit a ball for it to be considered a home run, there's no answer. Anything beyond the rear fence, but the position of the rear fence varies in different parks... in fact, the distance often varies considerably within a park, with the distance just inside the foul line on either side being not the same as the distance to the center of center field. Often the left field and right field distances aren't even the same.

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Q: How many feet constitutes a home run?
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How many feet do you have to run if you hit a home run?

360 feet

What constitutes a home run?

When the ball goes into the stand, or out of the park.

How many feet is in a home run?

it all depends on how hard you hit it there is no set distance you have to hit can get an outa the park home run or an in the park home run

How many feet was the home run by Carlos Pena?


How many feet would a player have to run if he hit a home run and the distance between each base is 75 feet?


What constitutes an rbi?

Just a run batted in...someone had to be on base and the batter got him home.

What is the length of the longest home run in a home run derby?

Sammy Sosa hit the longest home run in home run derby. It was 528 feet, followed by 524 and 520 feet, also by Sosa.

How many feet in softball for a home run?

In fast-pitch softball the field dimensions are about 220 feet on average (for females) and 250 feet (for males).

How far do you run if you hit a home run?

360 feet! - yoceb3

How far was babe ruths first home run?

his first home run was 600 feet in baltimore

Longest home run hit in 2009 home run derby?

507 feet by prince fielder

How long did you run to get home run?

360 feet. (90 each base)

Who hit the longest home run out of busch stadium?

Albert Pujols hit the longest home run out of Busch stadium in 2011. The home run was 465 feet.

How many feet is it to hit a home run?

There is no straight forward answer to this question. Baseball fields have different sizes. It could be as short as 100 feet to longer than 305 feet.

How far do you have to run around if you hit a home run?

In MLB, each base is 90 feet from the next base so you would have to run 360 feet.

If you ran a marathon which is 2.62 miles how many feet will you have run?

You will have run 13,833.6 feet.

How far is ted Williams longest home run?

Ted William's longest home run in Fenway Park was 502 feet, but I don't know if that was his longest home run ever.

If you can run 335 feet per minute then how many feet can you run per second?

5.583 feet per second.

What was the farther home run ever recorded?

565 feet

What was the longest designated hitter home run?

525 feet

What was harmon killebrew's longest home run?

520 feet

Who has the longest home run avg in mlb history?

The longest home run that can be verified was hit by Babe Ruth. It went an estimated 575 feet. Many hitters have hit home runs that may be longer, but the distance was not or could not be verified.

How many syllables are in home run?

There are two syllables. Home-run.

How far do you have to run if you get a home run?

360 feet. Each of the 4 bases are 90 feet apart from each other, regardless of the stadium size

How far do you have to hit a home run to left field?

450 feet