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Q: Does a basketball assist require that the player shoots the ball without dribbling?
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At what point does a pass no longer count as an assist in a basketball game?

When the player that receives the pass dribbles the ball. If the player receiving the ball makes a jump shot without dribbling or drives the basket and makes the shot without dribbling an assist is awarded. Actully no, an assist counts if the playr that got th bal passed to scores in less then 2 seconds. Not when he dribbles. Thats not true. You get 3 seconds 2 score. And the player passing th ball gets the assist

What is assist called in basketball?

An assist in basketball is just an assist.

If a player dribbles down the court and then stops dribbling and then starts dribbling again what is that called?

if he did a pump fake it is fine, but if just stopped randomly dribbling then dribbled again it would be a unnecessary carry

What is a dime in basketball?

a dime in basketball is an assist.

What is an assist in basketball?

ana assist in basketball is when u pass the ball to a teammate and they score.

What is assist in basketball?

ana assist in Basketball is when u pass the ball to a teammate and they score.

How to get basketball assist?

You get an assist by passing the ball, and the person scores

Can anyone spot you a 'dime' in basketball?

Yes, a dime is a slang term for an assist in basketball.

What is the pass before the shot in basketball?

That is called an assist.

What is an assist in girl's college basketball?

An assist is the act of passing the ball to a player who then completes a basket.

What is an offensive pass in basketball that leads directley to the basket?


Is it a basketball assist on an inbounds pass when the shot is made?


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