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Q: Does a Olympic precision rifle have a bolt or lever on the action that opens the action?
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Is open an action verb?

opens is action verb

M-66 20ga single shot lever action?

Yes, it's an older gun. The lever action actually opens or "breaks" the gun in half so you can re-load a shell. It's a single shot so you have to reload every time. Not really uncommon but the top lever that you push sideways is much, much more common.

What is the only type of gun that doesn't have a bolt or lever on the action that opens the action?

Single shot Muzzle loaders of the "old" style are an example. There is no action to be opened - all loading is done by "stuffing" powder, wading and projectile down the bore of the barrel.

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Scissors work by lever action. As you squeeze your fingers together, it causes the blades to cross one another which is how the cutting gets done. Then when you move your fingers apart, it opens the blades so that you can move to the next section of paper.

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A lever under the dash just to the left of the steering wheel. The other lever opens the hood.

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How do you open a breach of a bb gun?

Depends on what type of BB gun it is. Some have a small lever to load and chamber the next BB. When that lever is pulled back, the breech is open. Some have an action which both charges the gun and opens the breech to load another round, such as the lever action BB guns, pump action BB guns, etc. In some cases, the breech may be exposed during this time, or it may not be (such as with the Red Ryder). For BB pistols, if they're revolver types, usually the top portion is hinged and can be opened to expose the breech this way. Some are made to resemble semi automatic pistols, and pulling back on the portion of the slide which can be pulled back opens the breech.

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