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Diva Kelly Kelly is currently dating Nexus member Justin Gabriel

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Q: Does WWE diva kelly kelly have a boyfriend?
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Is kelly kelly a WWE diva?

Yes. Kelly Kelly is a WWE Diva

What is the sexual orientation of WWE Diva Kelly Kelly?

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly is heterosexual.

Who is kelly sotherton's boyfriend?

If you mean WWE diva Kelly Kelly, she was at some in 09 RUMORED to be dating Jeremy Piven.

Who is the hottest diva on WWE?

Kelly Kelly

Is WWE diva kelly kelly ticklish?

Yes she so ticklish that when people tickled her she will end up pee herself.

Is WWE diva kelly kelly married?

No Shes Engaged To Mike Mizanin A.k.a The Miz Feb 2009 She is not now nor has she ever been engaged to the Miz nor have they ever dated!!! She is dating a wreslter from New Japan. Miz is dating Maryse from Smackdown! Jovy loves Kelly kelly no miz is not dating maryse. maryse does not enev like miz. Dec.20 she is dating evan bourne

What is kelly kelly big accomplishment?

Kelly Kelly's big accomplishments are that, she is a WWE Diva and a very famous one. In the WWE, her accomplishments include: a. One time WWE Diva Champion She is one of WWE's most popular and fan favourite Diva's.

Does WWE diva kelly kelly have a friend facebook?