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Q: Does Venus Williams enjoy the climate in California?
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Does Scandinavia enjoy a mediteranean climate?

no the Mediterranean's climate is not in Scandinavia

Where was oranges imported form?

Oranges are grown in many countries that enjoy a warm climate. California (USA), Israel, Spain, and many more areas round the Mediterranean.

What is a description of Islam's climate?

Climate is a geographic term. It is a natural phenomenon. It has nothing to do with any religion. The Muslim countries are situated in Asia, Africa and Europe continents and enjoy the climate the other countries enjoy.

What climate does tarantulas enjoy?

Hot climates like in the Arizona desert.

Why does Europe enjoy mild climate given its high latitude?

because its in the high latitudes

What are the release dates for Enjoy - 1998?

Enjoy - 1998 was released on: USA: 31 May 1998 (San Francisco, California)

How far is Burbank from Orange County?

Burbank California is about 46 miles from Orange Country California. Enjoy the drive!

Where in the world in the Venus de Milo sculpure?

The Venus de Milo statue was originally found off an island in Greece. Now it sits in France at the famous Lourve where all lovers of art can enjoy it.

Europe enjoys a mild climate What is the biggest reason for this?

Europe dose not enjoy a mild climate. Some countries in the south are mild, but Northern Europe can be very cold.

Why do tourists visit disnay land?

to relax to see the climate enjoy the weather once in a life time experience

Why didn't the Gosselins move to a warmer climate?

They both enjoy the climate of Pennsylvania, as both of them were raised there. Pennsylvania experiences very cold winter weather and very hot summer weather. It is an extremely desirable climate in the spring and summer though.

Why is John Williams so popular as a composer?

The most basic answer is, because he composes good music that people enjoy listening to.

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