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Q: Does Thomas Redfearn play baseball or football at USC?
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What Baseball team did Thomas Redfearn play for?

according to google it says he played for Northeast Texas Community College Eagles and USC Trojans

Can high school athletes play 2 different sports in same season for their school?

Yeah. Some notables: Rickey Henderson (Baseball and Football, pro baseball player) Frank Thomas (baseball and football, pro baseball player) dieon sanders (baseball and football, pro in both) and bo jackson, the greatest of them all (baseball and football, pro in both)

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no no he didint

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As a striker.

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on a baseball field!

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hate to say it but football

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Baseball obviously

Did Tom Brady play baseball?

yes he did, but he left baseball to play football at the university of michigan

What other sports did Isiah thomas play?

Besides Basketball he played Football.

What position did Frank Thomas play in football at Auburn University?

Tight End

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they play football aka soccer, baseball, and the Olympics

What sports did they play in Semple Stadium?

baseball football

Did OJ Simpson play baseball as well as football?


What sports did nate Robinson play in college?

football baseball basketball track

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Baseball. He is the Catcher for the New York Yankees.

What position did Frank Thomas play on the football team at Auburn University?

Tight End

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You can play in the rain, my friends and I always play football or baseball in the rain

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No, they play on a football field. I believe that the Miami Dolphins played on a repurposed baseball field.

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Football is played on a 'gridiron'. Baseball is played on a 'diamond'. Football is played in a series of 'downs'. Baseball is played in a series of 'ups'. In football, a player who catches the ball expects to get hit. In baseball, hitting another player is not allowed. In football you are 'blocked' and 'sacked'. In baseball, you are 'tagged' or 'safe'. Football, the offense starts the play. Baseball, the defense starts the play. In football, they use the 'blitz' and the 'bomb'. In baseball, they 'steal' bases and hit 'sacrifice flies'. Football is limited to 60 minutes of regulation play. Baseball has no time limit. Football can end in 'sudden death'. Baseball has 'extra innings'.

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football, baseball

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