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No, he doesn't

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I went to a indy wrestling show when I was a kid in senatobia and undertaker was supposed to be there I was young I took a picture with him and got autograph but when I got older I realized that guy wasn't the undertaker and he was a fake

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Q: Does The Undertaker own a house in Senatobia Mississippi?
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Yes he has one.

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The word Undertaker, which means a person, who supervises or conducts the preparation of the dead for burial and directs or arranges funerals. No, because Undertaker is a word of the English language. As for the name Undertaker, I don't think so either. Maybe they own the name The Undertaker though. Who knows and who cares anyway?

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No, Chuck Norris is his own

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Some people do, but they have their own reasons (often stupid ones.) For the most part, people like the Undertaker.

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b/c he's the Undertaker! he can do anything! even take on his own brother and bury him!

Is undertaker really dying?

undertaker isn't dying hes just injured and the real person who did that to the undertaker is his own brother Kane who you will find out soon when the undertaker returns and confronts Kane at a paper view where Kane faces rey myesterio in a casket match but sadly undertaker gets tombstone and out powered by Kane :(

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