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Through Super Bowl XLIII, no. Terrell Owens has played in one Super Bowl (XXXIX) and had 9 receptions for 122 yards and 0 TDs.

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Q: Does Terrell Have a Super Bowl touchdown?
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Who got the game winning touchdown in 1999 super bowl xxi for broncos?

Terrell Davis.

Has there ever been a punt returned for a touchdown in Super Bowl history?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, there has never been a punt returned for a touchdown in a Super Bowl game.

Did jay Novacek score a touchdown in a super bowl game?

Yes he scored a TD against Buffalo in Super Bowl 27 and a touchdown in Super Bowl 30 against Pittsburgh.

Did Terrell owns win a super bowl with the 49Ers?


Who scored the longest touchdown in super bowl history?

James Harrison in Super Bowl 43

What team was the first to not score a touchdown in a super bowl?

Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI

Who ran the touchdown back for the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII?

In Super Bowl XLIII, Steelers linebacker James Harrisonhad a 100 yard interception return for a touchdown. It is a Super Bowl record.

Has any one returned a kickoff in the Super Bowl since Super Bowl xxxv?

Between Percy Harvin's return for a touchdown in Super Bowl XLVIII and Ron Dixons touchdown return on Super Bowl XXXV, there was one other kickoff return for the touchdown. Baltimore Raven Jacoby Jones set a Super Bowl record with a 108 yard return for a touch down in Super Bowl XLVII.

Who caught Joe Namath's last super bowl touchdown pass?

Joe never threw a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl. In his one Super Bowl appearance, Super Bowl III for the Jets against the Colts, the Jets only touchdown was scored by Matt Snell on a 4 yard run in the second quarter.

Has terrell Owens played in a Super Bowl?

Yes, he played in Super Bowl XXXIX for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Did OJ Simpson score a touchdown in a Super Bowl?

No, O.J. Simpson never played in a Super Bowl.

Who threw the first touchdown in Super Bowl 44?

The first touchdown thrown in Super Bowl 44 was thrown by Peyton Manning to Pierre Garcon in the first quarter.

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