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Yes The TCU Cheerleaders have the privilege of cheering for a nationally ranked, Division I football program. The cheerleaders travel to away football games

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Q: Does TCU have cheerleading
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Is tcu a public or private?

is tcu a pblic or private

What is the name of tcu's college?

Texas Christan University is what TCU stands for.

What does TCU the school stand for?

TCU, the college, stands for, Texas Christian Universiity!

What celebrities went to TCU?

many football players and active sportsmans attened tcu. there were many celebrities and famous players that attened tcu college/university, like des marian and many more. i think that this is a pleasure for me to express my writing about tcu on the internet so kids and mature adults can learn mored about tcu college.

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The TCU football mascot is the horned frog, super frog. TCU, or Texas Christian University, is located in Fort Worth Texas and is in the Big 12 conference.

Did ladanian tomlinson graduate from tcu?

yes, he went to TCU for his grad. and was #5 when he played football.

Did TCU baseball get in the world series in 2010?

Yes tcu won by beating Texas longhorns.

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Tcu foot ball has won 8 bowls!

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TCU Horned Frogs football was created in 1896.

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TCU has gone 12-0 in the regular season for the 2009 season.

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TCU is in the Mountain West Conference until 2012. They will join the Big East Conference in 2012.

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Texas Tech - 28 TCU - 23 with 3 ties

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Who is playing in the Rose Bowl 2011?

#5 Wisconsin vs. #5 Texas Christian (TCU) the score was TCU 21 Wisconsin 19

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I think it did. But dont take my word for it id dont know what TCU stadium is. I think i herd about it in the news

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