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Spain has many teams, but their best professional team is called "Real Madrid"

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Q: Does Spain have an football team?
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WHAT number is iniesta for Spain football team?

iniesta is number (6) in football spanish team

When did Spain start a soccer team?

Its called Football, not Soccer. Football was developed in Britain, not America. Spain developed football after we introduced it to them.

Who are the Real Madrid football team?

a team who plays in Spain

Who is in the national Spanish football team?


Who is the most favorite football team?


Which football club has the biggest fan base in Spain?

The football club with the biggest fan club in Spain is Barcelona football team.

Which football team plays at Mestalla in Spain?

Valencia Valencia C.F., Spain

Who is caption of Spain football team?

The captain of Spain is Ike r Casillas.

What sport do the teams Barcelona and Real Zaragoza play?

Barcelona and Real Zaragoza are football teams. Barcelona is a football team based in Barcelona, Spain. Real Zaragoza is a football team based in Zaragoza, Spain.

What football team wear red and blue?

Spain and Barcelona For European football Spain and Barcelona for american football the New york giants.

Which team is present world champion of fifa?

Spain National Football Team.

Which Football Team Is The Best In The World 2011?


Is there a football team with orange and yellow jerseys?


Who is the worst football team in Spain?

Real Madrid

How pro is the Spain football team?

Very pro

What is Spain's football team colours?

Red and gold.

Is the football team Madrid from Madrid Spain?

yes it is

A famous football team in Spain?

There are many famous teams in Spain, they are Barcelona, RealMadrid and Valencias.

What is the name of football team is the best?


Who's the best football team in the world?

Barcelona , Spain

Is there a football team that begins with the letter x?

Xerez in Spain

Football team begin with x?

Xerez in Spain

Who is coach of Spain football team?

Vicente Del Bosque

Which football team does messi play for?

Barcelona, who are based in Spain.

Who is Spain's best football team?

Real madrid FC