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He is a very gay man.

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yes she's twelve

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Q: Does Sotirios Kyrgiakos have a girlfriend?
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When was Sotirios Kyrgiakos born?

Sotirios Kyrgiakos was born on July 23, 1979.

What is Sotirios Kyrgiakos's birthday?

Sotirios Kyrgiakos was born on July 23, 1979.

How old is Sotirios Kyrgiakos?

Sotirios Kyrgiakos is 37 years old (birthdate: July 23, 1979).

Did Sotirios Kyrgiakos score against Celtic?


Who has signed with Liverpool this season so far?

Glen Johnson, Alberto Aquilani and Sotirios Kyrgiakos.

When did Sotirios Versis die?

Sotirios Versis died in 1918.

When was Sotirios Krokidas born?

Sotirios Krokidas was born in 1852.

When was Sotirios Moutsanas born?

Sotirios Moutsanas was born in 1958.

When did Sotirios Sotiropoulos die?

Sotirios Sotiropoulos died in 1898.

When was Sotirios Versis born?

Sotirios Versis was born in 1879.

When did Sotirios Krokidas die?

Sotirios Krokidas died in 1924.

What is Sotirios Hatzigakis's birthday?

Sotirios Hatzigakis was born on September 15, 1944.