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No, it has a very slight curve to it.

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Q: Does Sidney Crosby use a straight hockey stick?
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What kind of hockey stick does Sidney Crosby use?

Sidney Crosby uses the 10k sickkick reebok hockey stick

What is the value of a hockey stick autographed by Sidney Crosby?


Why does Sidney Crosby use a straight stick?

He doesn't. His stick has a slight curve to it.

What kind of skates does Sidney Crosby use?

Sidney Crosby in 2011 wears Reebok 11k skates and has a Reebok 11k Sickick 3 hockey stick

Does Sidney Crosby use a wood hockey stick?

he used a sherwood momentum in his rookie. so yes he did use a wood stick. as of now he uses an 11k which is composite.

What stick does Sidney Crosby use?

he use a rbk 11k stick

Which way does Sidney Crosby stick handle?

the left.

Where is the stick that Sidney Crosby scored the goal with in the team Canada gold medal game?

It is on display at the hockey hall of fame along with his gloves and the puck

What kind of stick does Sidney Crosby use?

Sidney Crosby usually uses a Reebok 11K Sickick III one piece stick. Most of his equipment is supplied by that athletic wear company.

How old was Sidney Crosby when he started playing hockey?

Sidney Crosby started playing hockey when he was two! his father troy gave him a little hockey stick. by the time he was three he was in a league beating up five and six year olds!!!!

What is the length of Sidney Crosby's hockey stick?

no longer than 5'11"

What stick curve does Sidney Crosby use?

P87A.He uses his own curve.That is the public curve made to sell sticks. The curve he uses is a round toe and totally straight.

How much are signed hockey sticks worth?

It depends who signed the stick. I mean for a signed Sidney Crosby stick I would pay up to $300-400. But if it is someone like Andrew Alberts maybe $30-40. But if it is signed by Takashi probably maximum $1.50

How much would a signed played with rookie stick of Sidney Crosby cost?

My sheer wood signed stick went on ebay for an amazing 11,000 $ cus it was from his rookie year

What is Sidney Crosbys flex on his hockey stick?

He starts with an 80 flex but he cuts 5-6 inches off of it.

Which hockey stick is more accurate a straight one or curved?

A curved stick is more accurate, because the puck rolls off the stick easier.

How do you call a hockey stick?

Hockey stick

What do you call a hockey players stick?

(Hockey) stick.

What sport uses a stick?

Hockey as in Hockey Stick.

How does a gliding hockey puck illustrate Newton's laws of motion?

Newton's First Law: The hockey puck glides in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force, such as a hockey stick.Newton's Second Law: The acceleration of the puck when hit by a hockey stick is directly proportional to the force, and inversely proportional to its mass. The harder the puck is hit, the faster its acceleration. a = F/mNewton's Third Law: When the puck is hit by a hockey stick, it exerts an equal but opposite force on the hockey stick. If the hockey stick hits the puck to the right, the puck will push back against the hockey stick to the left.

Why was the hockey stick invented?

The hockey stick was invented to use along with the hockey puck in the game of hockey. The Mi'kmaq people of Nova Scotia are credited with inventing the hockey stick.

Who created the ice hockey stick?

The Canadians invented the hockey stick along with the sport hockey.

How do you make a hockey stick?

you first need to get wood and then carve it to hockey stick form. then paint it to make it an officully hockey stick.

Is warrior mojo hockey stick an ice hockey stick?

Yes it is a ice hockey stick a friend of mine uses and has one.

When was the hockey stick invented?

In soviet russia, hockey stick invent you.