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Salome High School does have a Cheerleading squad but in order to get in you have to be expirenced in tumbling and you will have a lot to look up to. The cheerleading squad curnetly only execpt 25 girls a year so you better get ready if you want to become a cheerleader.

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Q: Does Salome High School have a cheerleading squad?
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Does Washington Irving High School have a cheerleading squad?

Unfortunately Washington Irving High School does not have a cheerleading squad, but they do have a women/mens step team.

Do American high schools actually have cheerleading squads like in the movie Bring It On?

Yes, my high school does have a cheerleading squad.

Does Newcastle high have a cheerleading squad?


Does Huntington High School in West Virginia have cheerleading?

Yes they have a Varsity and JV squad for Football and Basketball.

What school building did jack black burn down in orange county?

Black Smith High School p.s JJsser was their cheerleading squad

You cheer 2 game do they do stunts?

yes they do i am on a high school cheerleading squad and we do stunts for football games all the time!

Was George Bush a cheerleader in high school?

George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Dwight D. Eisenhower were at some point on a cheerleading squad in high school.

Does woodale high have a cheerleading squad?

I want to have a cheerleaden sqaud.

The cheerleading squad at Montgomery High School didn't like the cheerleaders at Carmel High School very much. But when they worked together on a project to raise money for Haiti they found that they?


I have a friend that told me that you have to know how to tumble to make the High School Cheerleading squad is that true I can't do back handsprings but I can do a back walkover?

Typically, tumbling is preferred in high school cheerleading. However, a back walkover is more than many people can do and will likely increase your chances of making the squad. High School squads will often train their cheerleaders during practice to do the other stunts required if you initially make the team.

Is cheerleading a competitive sport?

Yes, competitive cheerleading is a sport. All-Star cheerleaders incorporate high levels or stunting and tumbling into 2:30 routines which they take to competitions all over the country, leading to the Cheerleading Worlds

Does a normal guy like have a chance at a cheerleader?

Man, I go to a high school in MN and we don't even have a cheerleading squad. They are hideous. They are sluttay. Good luck!